CAP BLACK: Stop & Frisk In New Orleans, Or Calling In The National Guard?

New York’s controversial ” Stop & Frisk  ” campaign has been halted by a federal judge.
Whether gun crime in affected areas will follow suit remains to be seen.
While government over reach is an acute personal concern, the private over reach of inner city thugs here and nationwide surpassed it years ago.
I am an ardent supporter of Ms. Susan Hutson, New Orleans Independent Police Monitor, and admire her palpable commitment to constitutional policing, as recently evidenced by  vocal opposition to NOPDs’ field identification card measure and micro management from the citys’ Office of Inspector General.
Areas like the notorious Central City are over run by decidedly unconstitutional citizens and gangs whose over reach has just claimed a 13 month old named Londyn Samuels.
Is it time for a local version of ” Stop & Frisk, ”  knowing full well our stalwart friends the Independent Police Monitor and ACLU will oppose such measures, even as lawlessness kills more low income New Orleanians without benefit of lobbyists nor off duty police as personal protection.

Obviously our freshly installed federal monitor for NOPD, a law firm no less, would understandably balk at such suggestions.

Our inner city remains in a state of emergency. An under staffed police department can possibly either proactively start stopping & frisking in hot spots or perhaps it is finally time to ask Governor Jindal to deploy the National Guard?
I’m not wedded to either proposal but as a community, New Orleans must face the violence in its midst. by declaring nothing less than war upon those who’ve killed babies; a police officer and numerous residents.

These proposals represent the level of seriousness public safety discourse must assume for tangible results to be achieved.

Thugs currently rule New Orleans streets.
We should consider every option to take back said streets,,, even ones which conservatives like myself  and civil libertarians wince.
I wince even worse at the horrible headlines thugs happily script!   Comparatively, ” Stop & Frisk ” or calling in the National Guard might not be so far fetched after all.
No more so than killing a 13 month old.
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