More Merritt Landry Activism In New Orleans

From last night in the Marigny section of town, a demonstration on behalf of Landry – and a counter-demonstration led largely by old hippies and young leftists…

Our buddy Nadra Enzi, also known as Captain Black, passes along this report…

The Justice For Merritt rally was visited yesterday by a motley crew of mostly White street kids ( popularly called ” gutter punks ” ) whose hatred of middle class homeowners is well known.

Local crime apologist Rev Raymond Brown also added his voice to this chorus!

They used Merritt Landrys’ defensive shooting of a 14 year old Black teen to once again denounce so-called “racist” violence, yet this same crowd is conspicuously silent about New Orleans Black on Black murder rate, which happens far more frequently than incidents involving non-Whites.

This pro-crime fringe is noted for loud threats; profanity; vandalism; assault and using Black criminal justice issues as excuses to disturb the peace and incite mob disorder.

New Orleanians were treated to this fringe real goal: demonizing Merritt Landry and any middle class homeowner as “racist” for defending their families and imprisoned for the same.

As an organizer of the August 22nd Justice For Merritt Landry rally, I’m glad the city witnessed the depths pro crime activists sink to.

Not much new is going on in the case, though there are calls on New Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro to drop the prosecution of Landry. But it’s still very much a contentious issue in New Orleans.

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