Remember How Awesome It Is That Pre-Existing Conditions Get Covered In O’care?

This is what that looks like. From a comment on the Obamacare Facebook page

At least that happy customer made it that far. Most of the comments you’ll see are like this, with an entertaining response…

  • Gail Pierson Have been trying to create an account since 3 AM. No Luck!
  • Hi Gail, first of all…. love your enthusiasm. Since 3 AM? That’s some excitement!  Thank you for sharing your issue with us, please know that we are working to address this issue as soon as possible.

Another example…

  • Sarah McMahon Snider Apparently I am unable to see any information on plans until I create an account. Can’t create an account because the Security Questions fields are not populated so unable to go any further. All I want to see are the plans so I can compare to what I already have.

And more…

  • Randeep Walia Wait, did you mean to say go to NOW, or did you really intend to say, “don’t go to at all because it’s not working and you’ll only waste valuable time trying to sign up on a website that doesn’t work”?

We got a kick out of this one…

  • Rusty Kilpatrick Jr What kind of rookie rolls out a website, expected to be used by millions of people, at one time without proper infrastructure? Either make it available in waves or beef up the back end. You’re trying to win people over not piss them off. Way to drop the ball.

The president shrugged all this off by referencing Apple’s glitches.

Apple at least had some successes in serving the public. Obamacare has built up no such goodwill.

One wonders how the performance of Obamacare’s internet exchanges will play given the Democrats’ objections to funding the parts of the government which aren’t affected by the current debate. At some point, if you’re Obama or Harry Reid you start to run the risk of looking like an idiot for insisting on a government shutdown and barricading open-air monuments like the World War II Memorial so as to protect something which for all outward appearances is a market failure on the order of New Coke and Windows 8?

At Ace of Spades, they’re calling it 404Care, which is perfect. So is this.

For all the screaming about how terrible the shutdown is, the Republicans are actually in a pretty good position right now. They can keep sending up bills to alleviate the worst effects of the shutdown and watch the Democrats either accede to them, as they did with military pay on Monday, or stand in the schoolhouse door.

And it’s Democrats who have a unity problem. From a piece at The Hill on yesterday’s House votes on funding the District of Columbia, the parks and the VA…

Nonetheless, the failed House votes will once again require Republican leaders to figure out the next step. One option is bringing them up under a regular order later in the week, which would allow them to easily pass in a simple majority vote.

Today, Republicans brought up the resolutions under a suspension of House rules, which required a two-thirds majority vote. While that led to the failed votes, it will let Republicans argue that House Democrats are the ones in the way of funding these specific priorities.

The closest vote for Democrats was on a resolution to fund the District of Columbia — that proposal drew support from 34 Democrats, although it still fell short of a two-thirds majority and failed in a 265-163 vote.

Washington DC is in the unique position of needing congressional approval for its budget, even though the money it spends is raised within the District. That reality, and a plea from Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), seemed to prompt some Democrats to vote for it.

Norton herself said she was torn on the vote, because while she had to support the DC funding bill, she realized other Democrats were opposing the GOP’s plan to pass piecemeal resolutions.

“It puts me in an impossible position,” she said. “I have a greater number of federal employees than any part of this region, and of course because I must support this piecemeal approach, I’m leaving them behind. But what am I to do?”

“I am asking, keep the district open. Don’t dare compare us to your appropriations,” she pleaded.

The House also turned away a resolution to fund the Department of Veterans Affairs, in a 264-164 vote that won 33 Democrats. Here again, Republicans questioned how Democrats could vote against legislation they would normally support.

“I’m shocked to hear our friends on the other side of the aisle who are unwilling to help our veterans receive the benefits that they have earned,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.).

As they did with other bills, Democrats insisted that they support the goals of the bill, but not the tactics.

“Of course we support funding for our veterans. The proper way to do that… is to fulfill our constitutional responsibility, make the hard decisions, pass regular appropriations bills.”

A third resolution would have funded the national parks, the Smithsonian museums, and the Holocaust Museum. This proposal failed 252-176 and won 22 Democratic votes.

Who looks like they want a shutdown here? Republicans are voting to keep the government open, some Democrats agree, and Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the gang are trying to stop them while demanding a “clean” CR funding Obamacare.

Well, guess what? All federal government funding originates in the House.

That means the House decides what money is spent and what money isn’t. If the House doesn’t support Obamacare, there is no Obamacare. That’s not partisan politics, it’s institutional politics. It’s called the separation of powers, and it is PRECISELY how the Founders intended the country to work.

This is what happens when you jam an unpopular law creating a new federal bureaucracy through Congress on a straight party-line vote. It was a stupid thing for Obama, Pelosi and Reid to do, it was an abuse of power for them to do it and the price to be paid is the loss of the Congressional body which is in control of enacting that law through funding.

The House is exercising its constitutional prerogative in deciding what is to be funded and what is not to be funded. It is the Senate and the president who are to blame for shutting down the government. And we’re now seeing that the Senate and the president are shutting down the government in order to continue forcing on the public something the market would kill with gusto were it subject to market forces.

That is no position to be in. It’s a political problem for Obama and Reid which will only be solved if the Republicans lose their nerve.

UPDATE: We found something else worth passing along as well…

And the story behind the image…

LMAO!!! I finally got through to and here is the GREAT DEAL I have to choose from.
Monthly Premium is $839.25
My Current Premium is $348.00

Deductable is $5,000 per person…$10,000 for family
Current Dectuble is $500 per person $1000 for family

I also have an option for a $1,834 premium with a $2,000 deductable.

My current health insurance will go up this month because of obozocare but no where near this BS.

GOOD LUCK SUCKERS!!!! Cheaper than cell phone bill…LMAO

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