SARGE: Complacency Of The Damned

It’s 0640 hours on Tuesday, October 1st 2013. We woke to the sure and present knowledge the world as we know it did not end in a conflagration. The earth didn’t open up and swallow large land masses. The beasts of the veldt didn’t grow in size and devour us as we waited to die; crushed, torn and mangled to be no more than a destroyed mass consumed by those same beasts.

The world as we know it did not end. All that happened is a relatively small group of self-serving fat-cats refused to step beyond the petulance of their political ideologies. They let the American people down: AGAIN. And the funny thing is the American people seem to too stupid and unaware by choice to do anything about it all. The American people are acceptant of this mistreatment because the abuse has become generational and as such, strangely comforting with the attitude of “it’s better than elsewhere!”

No. It’s not better than elsewhere. It simply hasn’t deteriorated as far as elsewhere. But, give it time, it can get there soon enough.

Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives, has rejected recognition of their responsibilities and duties under the Constitution of the United States. The Senators and Representatives have desecrated that hallowed document by placing their own thoughts, actions and inactions before their duty to uphold the Constitution for the betterment of its citizens. The Senators and Representatives are now thieves in the night, taking money to NOT represent the American people. They only represent themselves and their respective parties. The people are left out of the mix except at those times they’re needed, like when they need a vote.

And soon, we may not even have that symbolic act to lend us succor as the “government” we allegedly have representing us rolls roughshod over our rights as enumerated under the Bill of Rights. We are sheep awaiting slaughter. We’ve long since been shorn and denuded of even the appearance of individual control of our lives. Regulations, rules and ordinances pollute our lives more and more every day as an elitist president issues executive order after edict after diktat, showing he has the mien and the power to transcend the will of the people he rules over.

A bastard monarchy is in place masquerading as an oligarchy, a unit of small men and women; 535 people who have lied to, misrepresented themselves and their function to and finally allowed the subjugation of this nation-these same people are now empowered to CONTROL rather than represent the American people.

And the American people don’t seem to give a damn about the necrosis occurring in their government. America appears to be rotting from within. America is infected with a virulent self-aggrandizing government eating away at the reality we were and are no more a nation of the people, by the people and for the people. Now it’s “in support of the government” and no more. The right to individual excellence is no more; a form of Orwellian “group think” is the accepted practice in government. The two party system’s been replaced by Progressive Political Ideologies separated by shadow as opposed to having distinguishable constituent values and the valor necessary to challenge the rest of the world from a position of exceptional integrity.

Our government has no integrity. The Capitol is inhabited by boars and sows slopping at the trough. They merely muscle and shove each other around to their best, momentary advantage until they can get a bigger mouthful of the gains we produce. Later, we the people, will get the end-product from their digestive tract and we’ll be told it’s because of somebody else’ mistreatment of us.

They’d be right. It’s our fault because we keep electing the same crooked, avaricious and vile people to positions of power. We lost control of them when we allowed them to control their own salaries and benefits. We lost control because the only thing controls an infection as virulent as this is to kill the virus outright. And we as a nation need to consider the importance of that last statement.

This Congress needs to be turned out, en masse as soon as possible; before they can do any more damage to the Constitution, to the Bill of Right: to us.

Thanks for listening.



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