Ronnie Edwards Drops Napalm On Baton Rouge’s Racial Fires

Last night WBRZ had a piece further developing the rather bizarre controversy brewing between Louisiana Strong and left-wing members of the Baton Rouge Metro Council over the former’s objections to the appointment of a crook to the board of the Capitol Area Transit System board.

Specifically, that Metro Councilwoman Ronnie Edwards, who accused Louisiana Strong via e-mail of racism for pointing out Bill Johnson’s having been guilty of stealing money intended for the DARE program as part of a fraudulent fundraising scheme, didn’t just make that statement once. She made it again and again…

The obvious question to ask Councilwoman Edwards is this – what’s worse: racism, or stealing money intended to help kids stay off drugs?

That question is particularly relevant given that Edwards has never once expressed any degree of surprise or conviction about Johnson’s past. She’s been remarkably composed about the idea the Metro Council was about to put a felon on a board to replace someone who resigned because he was stealing board funds to pay his bills – the typical reaction from a politician who wants to stay in good odor with the public would be horror at what nearly happened and gratitude for those who helped stop it.

Instead, Edwards’ immediate reaction was that it’s dirty politics and racism to point out the fact that Johnson is a thief. It’s not an unreasonable conclusion to make that Edwards already knew he was a thief, and was OK with it – and what she’s upset about is that thanks to Louisiana Strong a lot of people she didn’t want to have that knowledge became enlightened.

And to drop the race card into this cauldron over and over again is the best and perhaps only tactic she has available is another good indication she knows there’s nothing much she can say about it.

We take the position that it’s not racism to expose crooks in the public sector, regardless of their ancestry. But even if it was, having crooks on boards with access to taxpayer dollars is a lot more damaging.

And we’ll say Ronnie Edwards isn’t smart enough, and doesn’t have enough integrity, to hold public office – and she ought to resign. Baton Rouge can’t abide race-baiters and idiots on the Metro Council.

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