39 Percent

Quinnipiac has a new poll out on the president and his approval rating, and the news isn’t great for Mr. Obama – who has now dropped below 40 percent and is now resting comfortably in the mud at 39.

And some of the internals on the poll are even more awful than that…

  • Obama disapproval-approval “63 – 30 percent among independent voters”
  • By a 47% to 32% margin independent voters trust Congressional Republicans more than Obama on health care
  • “For the first time today, American voters say 52 – 44 percent that Obama is not honest and trustworthy.”
  • By a stunning 42% to 19% margin women voters say Obamacare is making their health care worse, not better
  • “Women opposed [the Affordable Car Act] 51 – 41 percent.”
  • By a 57% to 37% margin women disapprove of Obama’s handling of health care
  • Obama and Congressional Republicans are statistically tied among women as to whom they trust on health care, 44% to 42%
  • By a 56% to 39% margin women disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy
  • Women disapprove of Obama by a 51%-40% margin.
  • By a 50% to 44% margin Hispanic voters disapprove of Obamacare
  • “Hispanic voters disapprove [of Obama] by a slim 47 – 41 percent margin”

And there’s more…

Today, disapproval is 58 – 37 percent among men, 91 – 6 percent among Republicans and 63 – 30 percent among independent voters. Democrats approve 79 – 14 percent. White voters disapprove 62 – 32 percent while black voters approve 75 – 15 percent and Hispanic voters disapprove by a slim 47 – 41 percent margin.

That there are 32 percent of white voters who approve of Obama and 15 percent of black voters who disapprove says…what, exactly? That black voters are twice as racist as white voters are?

Probably not, but after five years of listening to Obama’s acolytes accuse his detractors of being racist it’s too delicious a point not to at least bring up.

And the Q-poll is hardly a GOP push-poll. The sample in the suvey slightly overrepresents the minority vote – 28 percent of the respondents are members of racial minorities, compared to 29 percent in the 2012 electorate, 26 percent in 2008 and 22 percent in the 2010 electorate.

Exit quote from Quinnipiac’s poll director: “Any Democrat with an 11-point approval deficit among women is in trouble.”

If these numbers hold up for any length of time Obama could be an absolute millstone around the necks of Democrats in next year’s election.

The question is, based on the overall downward trend in public policy largely across the board, whether there is anything available to Obama that would reverse these numbers.

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