SARGE: Pride Goeth Before Destruction

At 0337 this morning the lights went on in my head and sleep became impossible. I guess the idea of internal betrayal committed by faux colleagues and leaders in the Conservative Movement has grabbed a certain percentage of my social conscience and refused to let go.

Right now an insidious program is taking place in the ranks of the GOP. What formerly was known as the “Grand Old Party” (as I’ve mentioned before) is now more akin to the “Gangrenous Old Party”. Its internal rot is seen in the erosion of conservative, traditional ethics and ideals. Fossilized turds like Mitch McConnell and John McCain (now more an example of what the old war-horse looks like after it’s returned from the glue factory) are emblematic of the problem. They work to preserve their positions more than the betterment of the nation. Power hunger exceeds the shallow depth of their souls. They fight expansive irrelevance in a political combat zone populated by free-thinkers in their party refusing to go along to get along. This makes them testy is an understatement.

McConnell is more a tired ringmaster degenerated to the role of a ringleader. His self-serving incumbency is exposed. It’s been unmasked by the press. McCain is less a throw-back to Joseph’s tailor producing the coat of many colors, as he’s the guy chosen to turn his coat showing his under-developed ethics. He’s sold out the conservative movement in favor of fifteen second sound bites of air-time on any network. His past heroism is nearly unknown by the youngest generation. He’s lost the spotlight. The limelight conceals him in shadow.

These toothless lions are trying to feast on the youngest, most genetically blessed members of the pride. Old lions are the worst. They’ve lived lives and lifestyles making them fat and lazy. They encumber the lionesses forced to hunt while the male sleeps in the savannah’s trees. He only occasionally fights off less experienced males seeking to insinuate their seed into the gene pool.

It’s a fine lifestyle both McConnell and McCain have lived. But, the fact of the matter is their story’s out there and it’s not as impressive as the public relations wonks have advertised. They do next to nothing daily while making it appear they have a greater influence on what’s done than they really do. They do far less than any member of the pride but because their roar is louder and better heard, they really believe they have value.

They don’t. As a matter of fact the elder lion always smells the worst and does the least good for the pride. As was once said, the toothless ones feed on the young because they can’t predominate at the feeding frenzy. It’s so much easier to prey on the small and vocal than to fight the strong and powerful.

That’s why McConnell and McCain are attacking the Tea Party membership. They can’t hope to remain in control if the upstarts keep pointing out the fact the two main Republican actors in the senate are really toothless, impotent frauds gone beyond their usefulness.

The two taxidermist rejects refuse to simply take their retirements and go away. In the pride, the defunct leadership wanders off into the veldt to wither, fade and die alone. It’s tragically honorable. The tragedy concerning McConnell and McCain is the rejection of their moral compass leading them to do the right thing – retire in favor of newer more vital leadership developing in the Senatorial pride. Even though they face challenges from within the pride and their party, they refuse to stand and fight (and possibly get mauled in the effort) in favor of killing off the youngest threatening generation. It works for them. They feed and they don’t have to worry about being supplanted by the children.

Now if they could just see they’re not immortal and that the real enemy is waiting for them to wander off like the Alzheimer’s ridden fleabags they are, we might have a fighting chance as surviving the external encroachment endangering the entire pride.

Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18)

Thanks for listening.

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