AFP’s New Mary Landrieu-Obamacare Ad

Americans For Prosperity is absolutely hammering Mary Landrieu on the airwaves in Louisiana for her Obamacare vote, and cranking out new ads all the time.

Here’s the latest. The messaging isn’t all that sophisticated or particularly new, but the graphics are kinda neat…

What effect is AFP having? We don’t know yet. It’s unquestionable that the Obamacare debacle is hurting Landrieu, though, and as long as groups like AFP put her string of bad decisions costing Louisianans problems with their health insurance forward in the public eye it’s going to continue hurting her.

National Journal had a piece on Monday about Landrieu’s efforts to wriggle out of the Obamacare box, and in it was an interesting quote from John Maginnis about what Obamacare has done to her…

Later this week, Southern Media & Opinion Research is expected to release the first independent poll assessing the matchup between Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu and Republican opponents in next year’s Senate race in Louisiana.

For Landrieu, the poll will illuminate whether her Obamacare strategy is working, or whether the health care law is going to define her race and hurt her prospects.

“Up until now the issue was manageable for her,” said Louisiana political analyst John Maginnis. “But now I just think that—not just Louisiana but everywhere—the atmosphere is pretty toxic. Obama’s always been unpopular [in the state], but now … if the election were held today I think she’d be a goner.”

When the SMOR poll comes out, you can expect it to show Bill Cassidy in the lead against Landrieu, or awfully close to it, and that might well change the nature of the race. Cassidy doesn’t have the money Landrieu has – he isn’t getting a bunch of sexist Democrat women to cough up $50 a head all over the state to get served dry chicken and iced tea, for example – but he also doesn’t have that millstone around his neck.



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