That Dude Really Zucks

Seems ol’ MacAoidh got us some publicity yesterday with that piece about Miz Mary an’ her vote on the fillybuster.

Specifically, he got us some publicity about this…


Somebody in Bill Cassidy’s campaign got a look at that pic and laughed his butt off. So he went up on the Twitter with a link back to MacAoidh’s post.

And that Zucker cat who the Demmies hired to try to keep Miz Mussolandrieu in her job went ballistic about it. That’s when POLITICO grabbed this thing and wrote up a deal on it (though they got an old edit of what MacAoidh wrote, I guess, because what’s in POLITICO isn’t what’s in the story here at the site).

POLITICO had him sayin’ this

“These kinds of despicable personal attacks have no place in this campaign,” said Andrew Zucker, spokesman for Campaign for Louisiana, an arm of the state Democratic Party focused on boosting Landrieu. “Bill Cassidy’s campaign manager should immediately take down his insulting tweet and the Cassidy campaign owes Sen. Landrieu an apology.”

Man, go an’ whine a little.

It’s pretty funny stuff when the Lefties, who spend all day callin’ Republicans fascists and Nazis, get bent outta shape when somebody puts it back at ’em.

An’ it’s expecially funny when they get bent outta shape over somebody callin’ ’em fascists over killin’ the fillybuster.

Why’s that? Because when the “Rethuglicans” (yeah, they like that one) talked about doin’ it back in 2005, we got this kinda stuff

This is simply another step in the quest for absolute power by the executive branch, plain and simple. The Rethugs want their activist judges and they want to crush any checks and balances. The only thing standing in the way is the judical system given that Congress and the Media have given up their role in providing checks on a runaway executive branch. Everyone should pay close attention since its been since the 1930’s since a political party of a Western power has seized control of all governmental functions for the sake of pushing through their agenda. Its a chance to witness first hand the rise of a fascist state. The only thing preventing the complete transformation is that there are enough congressmen who oppose some of the loss of freedoms in the US. Of course there is always the tactic of appending legislation to bills and given one or two more election cyles the transformation will be complete.


All fascist movements are particular to the societies in which they emerge. A credible argument can be made that the Jim Crow South was a kind of fascist order: a hyper-violent, one-party state based on racial nationalism, drenched in mythology and religiosity, in which science and rationalism are either rejected or subordinated to the “Manifest Destiny” of the dominant group, and whose organizing mechanism is to unify all white classes against the Black “other” – to the general benefit of the rich.

Whether fascist or not, this is the South that is rising again, threatening to immerse the entire nation in its deadly pageantry, the effect of which is to smother all dissent. Janice Rogers Brown rides a dark float in this macabre procession.

And a cherry on top

This proves that Republicans do not fear ever being relegated to minority status in the Senate again — ever.  Why should they? They’ve proved that they can steal elections with impunity, with no angry mobs in the street demanding justice or so much as a peep from the mainstream media.

Life in post-democratic America continues to go on as before. We’re still a free society (well, except for the Patriot Act’s encroachments), albeit with an unprovoked imperial war being waged and wealth being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.  Why should we be surprised? That’s always the pattern in fascist plutocracies.

They’re real artistic, too…

Yeah, you get the idea.

Anyhow, back to this cat Zucker. If what he said about the dude from Cassidy’s camp who tweeted a link – a link! – an’ how it’s “despicable” and so on…if all that sounds familiar, it’s because he probably just copied it from someplace else you mighta seen it.

Cuz that wouldn’t be the first time for this Zucker cat.

Seein’ as though he’s a copycat, that is.

I got a cousin named T-Rick. He went up north to school. He’d been a Woody Hayes fan ever since Woody beat up the kid who picked off the pass, so he wanted to go to Ohio State for college. Problem is, he misspelled his application an’ ended up at Ohio U. instead. Said the football wasn’t quite so good.

But the action was all right. They get lots of controversy at the school newspaper, he says. An’ a couple years ago it got real interesting

While attending Ohio University, Zucker was a columnist for the university’s student newspaper, The Post. On April 21, 2010, a note from Post Associate Editor Ryan Dunn titled “Former columnist breaks ethical standards” appeared on the opinion page in place of Zucker’s usual political column.

“Plagiarism, as it would be with any course at Ohio University, is completely unacceptable at The Post,” Dunn wrote before proceeding to detail a flagrant copy-and-paste job Zucker had submitted to the editors two days earlier.

Shown adjacent to Huffington’s April 12 blog post, “The West Virginia Mining Disaster and the Financial Crisis Have the Same Root Cause,” the first four sentences of Zucker’s Post column submitted April 19, 2010 were obviously plagiarized.

“Remarkable similarities are scattered throughout both pieces, and in essentially the same sequence,” Dunn wrote. “He made no attribution or reference to her blog.”

In other words, Zucker did not forget to cite a source for a sentence or paragraph – Zucker made minor changes to an entire Huffington story and sent it to The Post as his own work.

The student newspaper’s executive editors further justified Zucker’s firing after a meeting several days later.  ”The Post‘s editorial board unanimously stands behind Associate Editor Ryan Dunn’s decision to fire Andrew Zucker for plagiarism,” they wrote.

After being caught, Zucker apparently tried to argue that he did not copy Huffington’s work. “To say the pieces were ‘framed similarly’ grossly understates the extent to which both the text and ideas were ripped from Huffington’s work without attribution,” wrote the Post editors.

“Our business relies on public trust, and we take that charge seriously,” the student newspaper’s editors continued. “Post policies, which Zucker signed, list plagiarism as cause for termination.”

“As noted plagiarist and Vice President Joe Biden might put it, we consider plagiarism a big f-ing deal.”

I got a big kick outta how no sooner did this dude get bounced outta his school newspaper than the Democrats decided he was a risin’ star. They’re all about folks like that.

An’ I’m gettin’ a big kick outta this guy Zucker harassin’ people about what they tweet. I guess he ain’t much for originality?

I dunno. You get to judge that.



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