The Judicial Crisis Network’s Brutal Mary Landrieu Ad

The Judicial Crisis Network, described by the leftist Right Wing Watch as “the primary outside group working to prevent the Senate from confirming President Obama’s three nominees to fill the three vacancies on the influential US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit,” went up today with a 30-second spot which is running throughout Louisiana and castigates Mary Landrieu for her votes on judges…

We mentioned last week in the wake of the fake controversy Landrieu’s camp attempted to gin up about our fark of her as Mussolini that Landrieu’s vote to obliterate 240 years of Senate tradition and kill the filibuster of judicial appointments was ultimately about paving the way for the Obama administration to pack the DC Circuit Court of Appeals with left-wing radicals.

The filibuster vote is seen by a lot of voters who aren’t in tune with Senate procedures as one of those Washington outrages that don’t mean a lot back home. But JCN’s ad is aimed at making those voters recognize it’s much more important than they realize – and more, that it’s only one of a whole lot of bad Landrieu votes on judges which threaten things that matter to them.

The energy industry, for example, as a packed DC Circuit will rubber-stamp a lot of bad EPA regulations that will hurt oil and gas. Yes, Mary Landrieu’s claim of being a friend to the oil industry collapses under the weight of the effect her judicial votes have.

Or your health insurance, which is in substantial danger thanks to not only Landrieu’s Obamacare vote but her votes on judges who have rubber-stamped it as constitutional and will likely continue to do so. The packed DC Circuit can be relied on to make things much worse as the Obamacare regulations are written and rubber-stamped.

That’s what this ad is about – getting voters to recognize that Landrieu might act like a moderate but her effect on the country is anything but. Previous campaigns against her haven’t done a good job of that. This time, maybe that will change.

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