SARGE: The Meadow Muffin

The New York Times told a story of Karl Rove’s Crossroads group. It spoke of it this way:

“The biggest donors in the Republican Party are financing a new group to recruit seasoned candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by far-right conservatives and Tea Party enthusiasts who Republican leaders worry could complicate the party’s efforts to win control of the Senate.

…The group, the Conservative Victory Project, is intended to counter other organizations that have helped defeat establishment Republican candidates over the last two election cycles.”

The Conservative Victory Project, which is backed by Karl Rove and his allies who built American Crossroads into the largest Republican super PAC of the 2012 election cycle, will start by intensely vetting prospective contenders for Congressional races to try to weed out candidates who are seen as too flawed to win general elections.”   (Emphasis and underlining is mine)              ((NYT -February of 2013)

So; the question arises: is the Democrat Party more of a threat to “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” or is the Republican elite such as Karl Rove who’ll save us “po’ folk” from ourselves the threat? Of my own thinking, Rove and his cronies are no better than Obama in their efforts to control, direct and fundamentally change America: for the worse.

While considering the most important issues of the day: bran muffins or cereal, almond milk or soy, Karl Rove or Bill Clinton I tried determining which would cause greater colonic productivity. They all get the job done for me but it’s messy and involves a product nobody really wants exposed to the light of day or left hanging around to soil your world.

The question arises: just who authorized Karl Rove to be the mind, conscience and soul of the Republican Party? The Republicans couldn’t find a better representative of their efforts to control America than this meadow-muffin? His oversized ego and aplomb assures anybody seeking self-determination will remain torqued to the edge of snapping because Rove thinks you’re too stupid to control your own country.

Tell me how he differs from Obama. (I dare you!)

Rove’s efforts to break the Tea Party membership’s legs are evident. In his efforts to propel the American government toward a position of control under Republican direction he’s been working hard to push progressive theories tending toward attaining consensus through forced capitulation of conservative ideal. That means simply he’ll sacrifice conservative principles to assure he directs the tactical action and combat strategies of the Right side of the aisle.

While it’s true he was at the helm of Bush 43’s presidential many political endeavors, and he apparently handled his duties masterfully, Rove has diverted himself from being a good “number two”, to placing himself into a position of ultimate power because he controls the money. It’s easy to understand who stands behind the curtain and pulls the strings like a master of marionettes because money powers everything political. Rove has access to donors capable of putting hundreds of millions of dollars in the hands of men and women willing to toe his political line no matter how shallow its depth in the political sands.

That’s a power of greater magnitude than having a finger on the nuclear button for the moment. With money you can decide who gets into the bunker and who doesn’t after that button’s pushed. With money, you decide the potential future of 300+ million people and their status and stance in opposition to other world forces. With sufficient money, you can direct the course of history.

This is the Meadow Muffin’s greatest thrill: having the power to decide and control where and when the pieces move on the national chess board. It doesn’t matter the underlying principles of conservative are being weakened and even restructured to better reflect the interests of a small group of elite theorists; it only matters if they wrest control from the incumbent according to their schedule and for their benefits.

It’s interesting how I’m asked regularly: “well, would you rather a liberal be elected”? My answer is this: “what’s it matter whether the complexion of the Progressive/Marxist/Socialist drone tends toward the reddened ruddiness of Republican Party history or the cyanotic tinting of Democrat Party? Neither represents the thinking of that vast, silent majority depressed and dejected as their personal liberties are removed from them, first; by the design of socialists or through the capitulating acts of duplicitous frauds seeking no more than personal enrichment?

High Populorum or Low Popahiram; it doesn’t matter. The tree is still skinned.

Thanks for listening.

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