SARGE: A Rebel Without A Clue

After watching John Boehner fold (again), and after enduring his prepared, watered-down excuses for failing to challenge the status quo of Democrat dominated proceedings in the House, I must say I wasn’t surprised. Boehner’s voice is less than thunderous. The sound is belied by a foul odor’s presence. It’s another fart he’s uttered more than a lightning strike. His whiny delivery explaining why there weren’t enough votes to do anything but offer up a “clean bill” concerning the debt ceiling was typical of his white-feathered past.

A white feather is a traditional symbol of cowardice, used and recognized especially within the British Army  since the 18th century.

Somebody asked if Republican brinksmanship should be considered over-and-done-with? This was asked because of a supposed tactic where (after winning sufficient controlling seats in the Senate and hopefully gaining more seats in the House) Republicans could rise to lead us from this mess Obama and his disastrous healthcare debacle has led us to. Good luck with that. The concept of “brinksmanship” must be understood. Brinksmanship is when you pursue a dangerous policy to the limits of safety before stopping, typically in politics.

In more readily recognizable words: are the Republicans better at “playing chicken”? “Chicken” is a game best remembered when James Dean (in his iconic film – REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE)and another dolt drove their cars at break-neck speed toward a California cliff to see who’d be the last to jump out before falling to the bottom of the cliff. It was supposed to be symbolic of courage but is nothing more than a testosterone challenge better left unanswered.

Since Boehner can’t even figure out how to get into this metaphorical auto, let alone drive it, he’s more worthy of the feather than the whole chicken. The Guy’s a Rebel Without a Clue.

Brinksmanship implies the testicular fortitude to stand fast while impending doom approaches and forcing the opposition to slam on the brakes before you do to keep from running off of the cliff ahead. It’s hard to show your sincerity and drive to win the race when everybody knows you don’t have the balls to put the keys in the ignition in the first place.

Boehner will either choke the chicken or swallow hard when Harry Reid throws him a bone. Mitch McConnell will tell Boehner it’s okay, pat him on the back and lead Boehner away from the cameras and dais for a glass of wine to steady his shaky hands. Boehner is no master of the House. He’s more a whipping boy for Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Obama. Boehner would be better off abandoning this charade of threatening the Democrats with phony stand-offs everybody knows he doesn’t have the guts to carry forward.

Obama’s rejected the system of checks and balances and Boehner’s regularly lifting his thumb from the scales Obama is steadily pushing downward to assure things go his way. Our national trajectory is more in alignment with the historical fall of the Roman Empire than a possible ascension to Heaven’s gate. Our decline isn’t because we’re doing anything obvious wrong as much as it’s obvious we’re wrong in not doing anything to prevent it.

Years ago in my callow youth, a middle-school teacher explained the difference between American electoral process and the electoral process of the USSR. He spoke plainly and to the point; “in America you can vote for anybody to represent you because we have a multi-party system: Democrat, Republican and Independent etc. We in essence have choices to be drawn from those parties. Those parties have ideological differences making them negotiate in order to get the best deal for the people.” He further said: “in Russia, you have a system where you can vote for anybody you choose to vote for as well. But, you can only vote from a pool of people belonging to only ONE party. There are NO ideological differences moving the system to represent the people. Government represents the state.”

Today, we’ve ONE party with two subsets; Democrat and Republican. Progressivism is leading us to a Roman decline while Boehner and McConnell continually feather their nests at our expense.

Thanks for listening.

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