VIDEO: Two Crazy Russians Climb Shanghai Tower With No Wires

These guys apparently do this stuff all the time, and apparently have yet to splatter on the concrete.

At some point, that probably changes. But, bein’ as though they’re Russians, that’s prolly not a worse fate than what most of the rest of ’em get. You suffer less from fallin’ off a building than from cirrhosis or AIDS or radiation poisoning or lead poisoning from the mob. Or whatever.

Anyhow, they sneaked onto the construction site of what’s gonna be the Shanghai Tower in…you guessed it, Shanghai. Supposedly this thing is gonna be the second tallest building in the world after that Burj Khalifa thing in Abu Dhabi, or wherever it is. But given that these dudes actually climbed up on the crane at the top of it, well…

The only criticism I got is that the fog – or is it smog? – prevents you from getting a good look at the surroundin’ countryside. I dunno if that helps with the vertigo or hurts it. And I dunno if they have sunny days in Shanghai anymore; they say they definitely don’t have ’em in Beijing.

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