Andrew Klavan Knocks The Democrat Party Out Of The Park

Interestingly enough, in a review of House Of Cards.

The money quote…

“…the central flaw of leftism is not its ceaseless cynicism about business, individualism, religion, or the common man—it’s that its cynicism evaporates into unicorn-and-rainbow stupidity when it comes to government. Insurance companies are too greedy to handle health care, but not the government. Individuals are too reckless to own guns, but not the government. Religion is too corrupt to preach morals, but not the government. The people are too foolish to know their own good, but not our old friend Uncle Government. It’s no wonder some conservatives think leftists are all evil tyrants. It’s easier than believing they could really be such knuckleheads.”


How can you look at the people running for office, recognize how venal, insipid and ethically deficient so many of them are and then decide it’s a good idea to give them power over your life?

Most – not all, but most – politicians are creeps.

It has to be that way. The hell we put political candidates through, by dredging up every embarrassing detail of their past and characterizing it in the worst possible way, has reduced the likelihood that regular, ordinary people who just want to serve the public would put themselves through that gauntlet. Reduced it badly, in fact – so much so that it’s relatively rare that good people with talent and intellect would choose elected office as a career path rather than more private and lucrative fields. What’s left is largely a gaggle of attention whores and people who think that attaining power over their fellow man trumps the downside of that electoral gauntlet.

And given that, the only prudent response would be to strip as much power as possible away from the winners of those mud-wrestling contests so as to make them as inconsequential as possible to our daily lives.

You don’t have to be a slavish corporatist to understand the private sector gets better results than government. That’s obvious to almost anybody.

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