Y’all Do Know Mary Landrieu Has Taken Big Cash From The Kochs, Right?

Yeah. She has.

Says it right there at Open Secrets. I’d link it, but the links to search pages on that site don’t work worth a durn. You can look it up, tho.

Koch Industries has given 20K to Mary’s campaigns over the years and another 35K to that Jazz PAC thing she’s got.

This matters because of this old dumbass and what he said on the floor of the Senate this week…

They gave Mark Pryor a bunch of change, too.

And they’ve given Reid’s DSCC, which is the Democrat Senate Campaign Committee, a big pile of cash over the years.

In fact, the Kochs have given almost a million bucks to Democrats since 1998.

But yeah – mostly they give to Republicans. And so far it doesn’t look like they’ve given Reid any money.

So in other words, if you wanna keep Harry Reid from callin’ you names from the floor of the Senate it won’t help to give his friends money. Naw, you gotta put a fat, sweaty wad of cash in his greedy lil’ hands. That’ll shut him up, but nothin’ else will.

Which reminds me – did you know Harry Reid was a pederast? Yep. I read it on the internet, so it’s gotta be true. He really oughta show evidence that he’s not one, because we can’t have a pederast runnin’ the Senate.

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