SARGE: Reefer Gladness

Sung to the tune of California Dreamin’ © Mamas and the Papas

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray.
I went for a walk to get my Congress spayed.
I’d be safe and warm if they’d just go away.
California Dreamin’, Barbara Botox, go away.

Stopped into a church they made illegal today
Well I got down on my knees but I forgot how to pray
There’s no preacher bold enough to turn them away
California Dreamin’ Barbara Botox go away.

All the leaves are brown with pollution today
I went for a walk couldn’t see the sky anyway
If I wasn’t stoned, I’d find some sense today,
California Dreamin’ I may choke today.

The headline reads: “Senate holds global warming all-nighter”. The Democrats haven’t learned a damned thing.

The headline says it all. So I have to ask the question: just what in your almighty, all knowing, ever-aggravatingly and ignorant way are you going to do to stop “global warming”? You can’t even get a budget passed and you’re going to somehow play God and get this thing straightened out by yourselves?

Good luck with that, guys.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in late 2012 listed the major polluted nations according to their measured pollutant particles noted on the “PM10 Air Quality Index”. The pollutants could be smoke, dirt, mold, pollen or other toxins and/or irritants. The “PM10 Air Quality Index” reads as follows: 0-50 (GOOD); 51-100 (MODERATE); 101-150 (UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE GROUPS); 151-200 (UNHEALTHY); 201-300 (VERY UNHEALTHY); 301-500 (HAZARDOUS). By using this scale the World Health Organization the United Nations ranks nations and their potential for health damages and risks.

The Top 10 countries as ranked on this index are: Mongolia, Botswana, Pakistan, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Nigeria and Kuwait. The United States doesn’t enter the rankings until 82nd position behind Luxembourg, San Marino (?) and FINLAND! Please note Finland uses a great deal of Geo-thermal energy they harness as a power source. It also has to be noted they use Biomass or the burning of natural materials such as: virgin wood from forestry, energy crops grown specifically for energy development, agricultural residues from agricultural harvesting, food wastes from food manufacturing and processing and preparations and post-consumer waste and industrial waste co-products from manufacturing and industrial processes. (

The point is Finland has volcanos. Volcanoes erupt and emit tons of pollutants in a single incident over a relatively short period of time.

So my questions for the Democrats wasting everybody’s time and energy (sorry I couldn’t resist) are these: how are you going to restrain a volcano? What are you, as senators (and as such representatives of ONLY American citizens) going to do to get Mongolia, Botswana, Pakistan et al, to stop their pollution of our atmosphere? Or, is it your belief pollution is a static problem; that levels of pollution don’t scatter along the jet streams and air currents of the world and grow and lessen with the vagaries and whims of Mother Nature? Just how, in your god-like manner will you force anybody else to clean up their acts when the prime movers of this idiocy are the representative Senators living in California; a state proven unwilling to reject even the most miniscule convenience using some form of energy?

Barbara Botox is one of the prime movers of this farce. The effort serves NO purpose other than to show her concern for the money and votes the Sierra Club hold in escrow for her and her coven of weirdoes she meets with to discuss unicorns and fairies resident in the Golden State while smog-bound with Medicinal Reefer Gladness. The entire publicity stunt is stupid as are some of the morons participating; but I won’t speak of Harry Reid or Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer.

Crimea’s being overrun by these people’s close ideological brethren and these dolts want to spend an “all-nighter” concerning “global warming”. The American Economy is slowly circling the drain and unemployment still shows millions of people without work and merely subsisting on “Unemployment Benefits” long ago depleted but passively synthesized into a bastard form of welfare; and these droids have nothing better to debate than the California air is thick enough to cut with a butter-knife?

These clowns jumping from the interior of this car are the same fools will be debating the color of the table-cloth and the china pattern to be used when we sign the surrender papers when China and Russia call in our markers.

When you look at these jerks you understand we have a problem with a different kind of “air pollution”.

Thanks for listening.

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