VIDEO: Vitter To Lefty Moonbat Heckler – ‘God Bless The Koch Brothers’

This is almost too good to be real, but it is.

At a town hall on Tuesday in Broussard, Vitter was accosted by a left-wing questioner who harangued him over the influence of lobbyists, and quickly regurgitated the typical left-wing hate for Charles and David Koch, the owners of Wichita, Kansas-based Koch Industries. The Koch brothers, or most specifically their company Koch Industries, rank as the No. 45 political contributor in the current political cycle, despite the breathless hype on the left making them out to be right-wing kingmakers.

In fact, Koch Industries isn’t even in the top five of corporate contributors to primarily Republican candidates in this cycle. They rank behind AT&T ($1,727,803, 62 percent to GOP candidates), Lockheed Martin ($1,718,165, 61 percent GOP), Northrup Grumman ($1,535,333, 59 percent), Honeywell International ($1,513,385, 58 percent), the National Beer Wholesalers’ Association ($1,383,500, 58 percent), Boeing ($1,321,835, 60 percent), the Credit Union National Association ($1,318,250, 52 percent), Goldman Sachs ($1,288,952, 69 percent), Deloitte ($1,218,909, 61 percent), GE, believe it or not ($1,208,010, 58 percent), Blue Cross/Blue Shield ($1,201,383, 61 percent), Contran Corp. ($1,189,950, 82 percent), Perry Homes ($1,137,200, 100 percent), the National Association of Realtors ($1,125,359, 53 percent), interestingly enough Berkshire Hathaway ($1,124,585, 65 percent), the American Bankers’ Association ($1,107,700, 75 percent), Bank of America ($1,087,799, 64 percent), the National Auto Dealers Association ($1,086,200, 70 percent), New York Life ($1,064,839, 55 percent), Raytheon ($1,059,098, 60 percent) and UPS ($1,004,006, 63 percent).

Koch Industries has given $963,250 so far this cycle, 99 percent of which has gone to Republican candidates.

Of course, the Kochs have also bankrolled Americans For Prosperity, which is an incredibly effective grassroots political organization making a mark on the 2014 election cycle across the country with its attacks on Democrat politicians who voted to bring Obamacare to life. And because of that, the Left is apoplectic at the mere mention of the Koch Brothers.

Naturally, when Vitter ran into a left-wing moonbat in his audience in Broussard, it was a matter of time before the Koch Brothers came up. That was unremarkable; what was more noteworthy was his response – which was to say “God Bless ’em.”

American Bridge, who shot the video, is a Democrat “tracking” organization which pays kids to follow Republican politicians around in hopes they’ll say something terrible which can be used to turn them into Todd Akin.

They probably think they have something like that with Vitter praising the Kochs. We’ll see. For our part, watching him take a sledgehammer to lefty orthodoxy was golden for precisely the opposite reason.

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