We Hereby Move To Waive Term Limits For Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb…

…she is far too valuable as a cautionary example to be lost. And besides, the rules don’t really apply to her anyway.

Our readers know that Dorsey-Colomb is an unmitigated disaster when it comes to stealing state dollars and stashing them in do-nothing NGO’s she operates, and then refusing to account for the money. That’s already established.

But there’s more to Dorsey-Colomb’s exploits. The limit state legislative candidates can take from PAC’s in an election cycle is $60,000. But Dorsey-Colomb managed to blow that limit away in the 2011 cycle, taking $86,000.

Which begs the question – how on earth does she find enough PAC’s willing to cut her a check? The answer is that she’s managed to shake down every lobby group in the state and there are a lot of business interests who are giving her what basically amounts to protection money. This is puzzling, to be sure – Dorsey-Colomb’s LABI score last year was 22 percent, and lifetime she sports a 21 percent. Those aren’t numbers you’d expect business groups to be willing to pay for, but the perception is that Dorsey-Colomb’s district is such a disaster that a 22 percent is probably better than you could normally expect.

Depressed yet?

Anyway, nobody did anything about this rather flagrant flouting of state campaign finance laws, which given Dorsey-Colomb’s reputation as one of the most crooked examples of public-sector scumbaggery in Louisiana is a little confusing, and so Dorsey-Colomb’s next step is to seek legitimacy for her lawbreaking.

We give you SB 218

(7)(a) The total amount of combined contributions for both the primary and general elections, from political committees, which may be accepted by a candidate and his principal and subsidiary campaign committees, shall not exceed the following aggregate amounts:

(i) Major office candidates – eighty thousand dollars one hundred twenty thousand dollars.
(ii) District office candidates – sixty thousand dollars one hundred thousand dollars.
(iii) Other office candidates – twenty thousand dollars sixty thousand dollars.

The shameless arrogance of that is simply too delicious.

What will we do when Dorsey-Colomb is gone, either to term limits or a perp walk? Yes, it’s conceivable that someone else in the state senate will be just as gleefully and blatantly corrupt for all to see – but it’s by no means assured. She sets a very high bar.

On the other hand, if this bill isn’t killed in the Senate and Governmental Affairs committee (Sen. Jody Amedee, chairman), perhaps a whole bunch of folks will find themselves clearing it.



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