What’s Awesome About Mardi Gras? This Is What…

…how many places can you see cops on Canal Street doin’ the Wobble with the hooples before the Endymion parade?

Nowheres, that’s how many.

This cat’s name is Winston Harbin and he’s a detective. He’s gettin’ famous, but not for his detective work. He got started when this video started goin’ viral…

After that, the Picyanose picked him up and started toutin’ him.

And then he turned into a supa-stah when he graduated from the Wobble to the Cupid Shuffle for the Zulu parade on Jackson Avenue.

Except he does a lot better Wobble than Cupid Shuffle. Frankly, y’all, his Cupid Shuffle needs work.

But then again, he’s made some improvment. Because last year his Wobble was – amateurish, frankly…

Give this dude a year and he’s gonna be rock-solid.

All that said, dancin’ cops is prolly the best thing the NOPD could ever get if they wanna improve their image. An’ it’s definitely more than they’d get by listenin’ to that advice from Eric Holder they got.

Maybe they need a dance team. They got a long way to go before they catch these dudes, tho…

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