The Exceedingly Well-Done CAIR-Honor Diaries-Hitler-In-The-Bunker Video

The practice of making YouTube videos with captions of the famous Hitler rant scene from the German film The Bunker has reached the point of diminishing returns by now, but occasionally somebody puts one together worth watching.

And below you’ll see an example. It’s an entertaining send-up of the Council for American Islamic Relations, which is a Muslim Brotherhood front group, a fundraising arm for HAMAS and an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terrorism-finance trial and chronic purveyor of faux-civil rights advocacy on behalf of Sharia Islam. CAIR is usually found screaming “Islamophobia!” every time someone dares to criticize the abusive nature of Sharia Islam or warns of the threat its adherents pose to Western civilization, and that’s why it was in the news last week when it conducted a campaign to censor a film called Honor Diaries – a documentary on the violence against women inherent in Sharia.

But Fox News’ Megyn Kelly lit CAIR’s campaign up on her show and refused to back down when they howled about her response.

Which brings us to this…

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