Pretty Please: Cassidy Says Climate Change Report Is A Plea For More Regulations

Climate ChangeLouisiana Senate-hopeful and Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy is saying that the climate change report released by the Obama administration is an attempt for the President to allow the federal government to get more control over every aspect of the economy.

“Louisianans know that you can’t be pro-energy without being good stewards of our environment and you can’t conserve our environment without a strong economy,” said Cassidy.  “Unfortunately, President Obama and Harry Reid’s Senate are pursuing an agenda of regulation and government control that will destroy Louisiana’s energy economy, hurting countless Louisiana families.”

The climate change report essentially claims that man-made climate change is here to stay and will only get worse as time goes on. But, Cassidy said that the report was only released in full now for publicity in order to garner opposition to the delayed-Keystone Pipeline.

“Although a draft of this report was released in January of 2013, the President waited for the Keystone Pipeline and exporting Liquefied Natural Gas to be debated before publicizing the report,” said Cassidy in a statement.

And, Cassidy said his Senate opponent Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) will only further Obama and Reid’s energy agenda as the chairwoman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. 

“Senator Landrieu supports President Obama’s radical agenda 97 percent of the time and now, as his Energy Committee Chair, will have even more power to promote his agenda,” said Cassidy.

The Obama administration is using the climate change report as a way to seek further federal government energy efforts to remedy man-made climate change via regulatory policies. Also, John Podesta, a Democratic operative who counsels Obama, said the President will begin a full-fledged campaign to bring awareness to the report’s findings.

Cassidy, though, is not the only Republican critic of the White House climate change report.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky mocked what he described as the hypocritical stance of “liberal elites” who demand strong action on climate change while failing to reduce their own carbon footprint.

“Even if we were to enact the kind of national energy regulations the President seems to want so badly, it would be unlikely to meaningfully impact global emissions anyway unless other major industrial nations do the same thing,” McConnell said in arguing against proposals to reduce industrial pollution.

He called the debate “cynical” because Obama knew that “much of the pain of imposing such regulations would be borne by our own middle class.”

While polls show that the public has largely bought into the man-made climate change agenda, the issue remains to be not that important to voters during election cycles.

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