Low Popahirum, Louisiana Edition (6-10-14)

This is a parish that voted for John McCain over Barack Obama by a 76-23 margin, and for Mitt Romney over Obama by a 75-23 margin. ‘Drill Here, Drill Now’ signs are not unknown in this collection of New Orleans bedroom communities, and Covington, the parish seat, serves as a regional headquarters for Chevron. St. Tammany is represented in Congress by the wildly popular Steve Scalise, who might be the most pro-domestic energy politician on Capitol Hill, and who conducts an annual sightseeing tour so his colleagues can see how gas and oil is produced elsewhere in the district.” – Scott McKay/American Spectator

“A sportswriter’s critiques trashing Lafayette, Cajuns and the state of Louisiana cost him his job Monday.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“The sponsor of a bill that will likely shutter most of Louisiana’s abortion clinics recently batted away accusations that she provided ammunition to the so-called ‘war on women.'”  – NOLA.com

Miss Louisiana apparently disagrees with the Obama administration’s trading of five Taliban prisoners for American prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl. At the Miss USA pageant Sunday night, Brittany Guidry slammed the Obama administration for the deal.” – BuzzFeed

“Baton Rouge for the past two weeks has enjoyed some nationwide buzz, with a steady stream of fawning tweets from Miss USA contestants about the capital city’s culinary prowess, performing karaoke at a downtown bar and the scenery along the Mississippi River.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

How much money does a Louisiana politician need to win? More. In the increasingly competitive world of high-stakes elections, the answer is simply more. In the not-too-distant past consultants could tell candidates that $7 million was required to become governor, or $2 million for a congressional seat. But that threshold, especially in recent years, has become a moving target as more third party groups supplement spending and the courts make way for special political action committees to raise unlimited cash.” – Jeremy Alford/NOLA.com

“An historic season for the Ragin’ Cajun baseball team has come to a disappointing end.” – KATC

“‘If the battle to form a new City of St. George has a familiar ring to it, there’s a reason. Ten years ago, residents of Central embarked on a similar campaign. It, too, began with an effort to create their own school district.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

New questions have emerged about how long one of five remaining supporters of the east bank levee authority’s environmental damage lawsuit against 97 energy companies can serve on the authority, which might provide Gov. Bobby Jindal another way of killing the controversial suit.” – NOLA.com

“Just a few years ago, the push to create a set of K-12 educational standards enjoyed bipartisan support. Governors across the country got behind the Common Core, including Louisiana’s Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal, whose state ranks near the bottom for high school achievement. Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s Shauna Sanford reports on a growing battle in that state over the standards.” – PBS

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