SARGE: The Storm

In this matter as to whether Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter, a traitor or a flower child seeking to spread American goodness and light to Afghan Taliban operatives after field stripping his M-4 and taking moonlit walks into Taliban infested country so he can find a spot to meditate; I must admit the jury is still out for me. I say it’ll all come out after a highly classified investigation is conducted by Obama’s Army. I expect the administration will keep trying to dodge the bullet as to why Obama unilaterally and without Congressional consultation  chose to let the moral equivalency of Eisenhower, Patton, Omar Bradley, Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman out of Guantanamo to direct Taliban and Al Qaeda operations across the globe.

Obama has chosen to denigrate soldiers who stayed where they were supposed to stay, then searched for a man who had an erratic history of walking off-post in search of English speaking Taliban operatives  and debating the role of America in the pursuit of men and women seeking to destroy our nation. Obama has some harpy named Harf holding up a podium and issuing highly controvertial and controvertible theories such as Bergdahl knows best how and why he behaved in Afghanistan and that the soldiers he served with know less than she does. This effort follows the former “intelligence” (?) operative/director who said the people in the Pentagon knew better and held greater right to interpret what they thought they knew than the people actually enduring the attack in Benghazi. Who knew our bureaucrats held such a command of intellectual prescience? They know all because they read Tom Clancy books while seated on their throne in the Pentagon restroom.

Then there’s the allegation these warriors who continue to do the “right thing” and expose this information they present as evidence may be “psychopaths”. Isn’t that an accolade from a governmentally excreted bureaucratically developed little gnome? You do your job, one placing your life in jeopardy, and some beltway booze blender at a cocktail party decides you’re a “psychopath” because you tell the truth along with others of your honorably serving comrades. Nice Obama; real nice.

The fact is Obama, while sure to gain another Nobel Peace prize in the category extolling incompetence in job performance but high honors in duplicity while aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States and supplying the Taliban with their best and brightest minds on the battlefield, has blown it; and in a big way. He really thought he’d be praised for bringing Bergdahl back. Obama really thought he’d pin roses on Bergdahl’s tear stained camo-jammies in the Rose Garden as he reunited Bergdahl with his Pashto speaking daddy and mommy. Obama has tied so many Medal of Honor ribbons on worthy people having sacrificed so much for this nation he’s really believing he’s their equivalent.

He’s not. Nor is he any more than the goat dung they walked through while serving in hell.

Truth be known, Obama is rapidly learning the meaning of the term “Lame Duck”. In this case it’s applied because the guy keeps shooting himself in the foot. Fast and Furious, which started before his tenure, was a magnificent opportunity to see how poorly he can cover up a mistake resulting in the death of a Border Patrol Agent. Benghazi showed he’s couldn’t even direct a mid-level twit like Susan Rice to stick to the poorly written script of how the entire debacle started and then progressed under the rocket’s red glare during an attack.

The problem is Obama, like Bush before him, relied on his people ONLY for information on what’s happening. Obama doesn’t want to hear reports don’t fit his narrative and ideology. Obama only listens to subordinates trained to tell him what he wants to hear. Then he chooses which Republicans, or in this case which low ranking field operative and combat tested soldiers merely telling the truth as THEY know it, he’ll call liars and psychopaths.

We can only wait to see just how smelly this S#it-storm (sic) proves to be and how badly it stains his “legacy”.

Thanks for listening.

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