Y’all Hear About The Cat From Starkville Who Tore Into Lafayette This Week?

I don’t really need to put too much snark into this post. Because it speaks for itself. Here’s a couple of bon riens from Mississippi State who got maimed by USL last weekend in the baseball regional in Lafayette takin’ a big crap on the town. The one cat makin’ most of the misere goes by the name of Matthew Stevens, and he had a bad experience – because the cops pulled him over and because they don’t have glory holes in the men’s rooms in Lafayette.

But mostly because the cops pulled him over. Honest.

Mais, jamais d’la vie!

So that gets out, and the Cajun people find out about it, and of course all hell breaks loose.

Includin’, as you might imagine, the Lafayette Independent’s reaction (you make them people en colaire an’ they gonna git you). They decided they’d educate this Peeschwank a chot.

With math.

Just for a quick comparison: Starkville, where MSU is located, has a population of roughly 25,000 in a county of about double that. Lafayette’s population is north of 121,000 in a parish of about 222,000. Median family income in Starkville — $39,000; Lafayette — $48,000. Thirty-one percent of Starkville’s residents live below the federal poverty line compared to 16 percent of Lafayette’s. So, basically, the differences are stark. There is no comparison.

And immediately, this Matthew Stevens dude does what you’d figure…

Then he went on the radio in Lafayette to grovel.

Awww, he’s sorry. That’s nice.

Here’s the thing. This jackass says he’s from Peoria, Illinois and he’s on an internet radio show in Starkville, Mississippi.

That means he royally, and I mean ROYALLY, sucks at his job.

That he does internet radio in Starkville puts him more or less at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the media business. But that could be excused if he was from there, wanted to stay home with his mom and them, and so on.

He’s from Peoria Freakin’ Illinois. And he got dumped out in Starkville. We’re talkin’ rookie league ball here.

How do you get outta rookie league ball when you suck at your gig? You gotta swing for the fences.

And that’s what this bird did. He was tryin’ to get attention for himself and he thought he’d give the Mississippi State folks who are pretty butthurt about losin’ that regional, when ULL had to beat ’em twice and did, somethin’ to ease the pain. So he decided he’d trash Lafayette because he’d never be back, he figured.

And so he did. When your team goes on the road and gets blowed up, you’re gonna rip the place apart. Everybody does that.

But here’s the problem – if you’re gonna play shock jock on the radio, there’s a way to do that and a way not to.

The way to do that is, when you go off on people and they don’t like it, you tell ’em to go screw themselves. You double down on ’em and you rip ’em harder. Because it’s good radio, you see. People listen when they hate you.

What you don’t ever do if you wanna be a shock jock is grovel and apologize. Shock jocks who grovel and apologize are not good shock jocks. Those are what’s known as losers.

Which is this cat. He’s a loser and he sucks at his job.

But they have glory holes in Starkville, so he’s where he oughta be.

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