Landrieu Still Pushing ‘Clout’ And ‘Centrist’ Talking Points

Clout and a centrist voting record are still at the forefront of Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) re-election campaign, even if it is stretching the truth.

Landrieu took to KTVE News, who gave a very softball interview, to tell voters that she does vote from the center and that she is apparently “building support among democrats” for the Keystone XL Pipeline, even if she was unable to deliver the votes she promised for it in the past.

Watch here:

Landrieu has long portrayed herself as holding tons of clout as the Senate Energy Chairwoman. But, just last month, Landrieu failed to advance three pieces of legislation through her committee which would have expanded offshore drilling in the state.Meanwhile, Landrieu has been saying that increasing revenue sharing from energy production is her “number one goal.” But, yet again, no legislation has been passed by Landrieu that would increase revenue sharing from energy production.

Landrieu’s supposed “clout” is so questionable that even Associated Press Reporter Melinda Deslatte questioned it last week in a report in which she reported “Landrieu’s support of the Keystone XL oil pipeline hasn’t forced a Senate vote on advancing the long-delayed project. Proposed liquefied natural gas export terminals for Louisiana still await regulatory approvals. Meanwhile, Landrieu’s criticism of President Barack Obama’s plan to cut carbon dioxide pollution hasn’t altered the proposal despite outcries that it could cost Louisiana tens of thousands of lost jobs.”

And then there’s the centrist voting record argument.

On just about every issue, Landrieu is to the left, not in the middle where she portrays herself. For example, on social issues like abortion, Landrieu has pretended to be a centrist, but her record shows that she has not voted for one pro-life piece of legislation since her re-election in 2008. And she opposes and attacked a new state law, authored by a female democrat, that will shutter three of the state’s five abortion clinics.

And Landrieu is proudly pro-Obamacare, which is makes her left-of-center on the issue of healthcare. Landrieu cast the deciding vote for the landmark legislation, while she racked up cash for the state in return. Time and time again, Landrieu has called Obamacare a “solid” piece of legislation and has said that she would vote for it again if she had to.

All of this sure doesn’t seem like a Senator who votes from the center while maintaining tons of clout.



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