Low Popahirum, National Edition (8-13-14)

“Last week the Republican Party began circulating a petition in support of ‘innovative companies like Uber,’ exhorting the faithful to sign up to ‘stand up for our free market principles, entrepreneurial spirit and economic freedom’ against ‘taxi unions and liberal government bureaucrats’ who are ‘setting up roadblocks, issuing strangling regulations and implementing unnecessary red tape to block Uber from doing business in their cities.'” – Scott McKay/American Spectator

The U.S. is weighing a military mission in Iraq to rescue thousands of Yazidi refugees, a move that risks putting American forces in direct confrontation with Sunni fighters for the Islamic State.” – WSJ

The next controversy will center on the increasing use of ‘civilian’ drones. Researching a documentary, Policing America, I was surprised to learn that I could buy a ‘personal’ drone for only $500. For another $700, my TV staff added a camera to it. These are terrific devices. Vacationers use them to videotape family trips, farmers to check crops, police to search for missing people.” – John Stossel/Reason

“The head of the Department of Justice’s Executive Office of Immigration Review and a federal appeals court judge both support providing attorneys to illegal immigrants, often for free, greatly lowering their chances of being deported.” – Daily Caller

“The owner of a gun store near the Missouri city where an unarmed teenager was killed in a police shooting said his sales have quadrupled amid the looting and vandalism that have followed in and around Ferguson.” – The Blaze

One of the many disappointments of the Obama era is the failure of the one promise which, more than any other, brought him into office backed by a surge of goodwill, with approval ratings around 80% on Inauguration Day. As the first black president, Barack Obama was going to heal the nation’s racial divisions and put an end to our divisive racial politics.” – The Federalist

“College computer programming instructor Noah Dyer is concerned about the mass invasion of privacy perpetrated by the federal government and data-mining corporations.” – Washington Free Beacon

While Congress is on recess and President Obama vacations in Martha’s Vineyard, a coalition of free press groups is escalating an already-aggressive campaign against the Obama administration for allegedly freezing out the press and cracking down on reporters.” – Fox News

A gift horse or a Trojan horse? That about summed up the latest, almost farcical encounter between Moscow and Kiev, as a mammoth convoy of some 260 trucks thundered across Russia on Tuesday bearing thousands of tons of humanitarian aid for the people of the besieged Ukrainian city of Luhansk.” – NY Times

“Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis has another qualification for pursuing a political career: she’s a full-blown hypocrite.” – EAG News



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