Low Popahirum, National Edition (8-6-14)

“Six in 10 Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the U.S. economy, more than 70 percent believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and nearly 80 percent are down on the country’s political system, according to the latest NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll.” – NBC News

I still think the RNC should censure Henry Barbour. I also think losing challenger Chris McDaniel should, well, just go away.” – Quin Hillyer

“Like most Americans, I am deeply concerned about our weak economic recovery and its effects on millions of families. Opportunity, especially for the young and disadvantaged, is declining. High underemployment has become our new norm.” – Charles Koch/USA Today

“A friend who knows Charles Koch well describes him as a genius. I can believe it: creating tens of billions of dollars in wealth and tens of thousands of productive, high-paying jobs probably does require a touch of genius. But when it comes to politics and the economy, what Charles Koch has to say is just common sense.” – John Hinderaker/Power Line

“The Republican National Committee is using the name of car service Uber to raise money, siding with the tech upstart in its fight against regulators.” – The Hill

“A Masters of the Universe drawing hangs in a frame above the desk in the Capitol Hill office of Alabama senator Jeff Sessions. It stands out among dozens of pictures of his three children and seven grandchildren. The protagonist of the comic-book series, He-Man, is depicted mounted atop his heroic lion, Battle Cat. His muscles are bulging; his sword is thrust into the air. Battle Cat’s mouth is open, his fangs exposed. They are a formidable pair.” – National Review

“Tonight on ‘The O’Reilly Factor,’ Charles Krauthammer joined Bill O’Reilly to discuss troubling support for Hamas in America and Europe.” – Fox Nation

Imagine if the conservative media had to include every fact that makes liberals look good in every story that makes liberals look bad. What if attorney-client privilege didn’t exist for lawyers providing advice to conservative publications? Imagine if those contacted by a conservative journalist were dragged into depositions by a liberal plaintiff. Imagine if the liberal plaintiff subpoenaed writers for conservative publications who covered her case.” – J. Christian Adams/PJ Media

“When Tea Party conservatives launch primary challenges against Republican incumbents, we’re told it’s a waste of party resources.” – Jim Antle/Rare.us

“If I drive across a U.S. border, I expect to stop at a Border Patrol checkpoint. But imagine driving to the grocery store, or Mom’s house, well inside America, and being stopped by the Border Patrol. Many Americans don’t have to imagine it — it’s how they live.” – John Stossel/Townhall

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