Pro-Life Movement Launches Attack On Landrieu

There may not be any other sub-movement that wants Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) out of office more than the pro-life movement.

Though Landrieu portrays herself as a centrist on abortion during election time, pro-lifers understand that this is a fallacy when the pro-choice senator’s voting record is reviewed. And this election cycle, taking out Landrieu is one of their biggest priorities.

The Susan B. Anthony List, a national conservative women’s political funder, has launched an all-out attack on Landrieu. The pro-life organization has set up five field offices across the state, as well as taking on volunteers to get the word out about Landrieu’s pro-choice voting record.

The issue of abortion this election cycle has proven to be even more of a struggle for Landrieu than in the past. Just this legislative session, Gov. Bobby Jindal signed legislation that puts further restrictions on abortion clinics, which will likely help close three of the state’s five abortion clinics. Landrieu called the new law “intrusive” and “very harmful to women.” The new law, though, was authored by State Rep. Katrina Jackson Lee, a Monroe democrat.

As the state gets more and more pro-life, Landrieu’s views have not changed all that much.

Though Landrieu has claimed to defy the “traditional pro- and anti-abortion rights labels,” her voting record shows that she actually voted against every pro-life piece of legislation in the Senate since her re-election in 2008.

Since 1997, the National Right to Life has graded the lone-Louisiana Democrat on abortion as a record of “For Abortion and Against Life.” Just as her opponent in the senate race Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) notes, Landrieu has a strong alliance with the pro-choice lobby in Washington.

In case you forgot, here’s a breakdown of Landrieu’s pro-choice record:

  • Since 1997, Landrieu has only voted for 17 out of the 62 pro-life pieces of legislation in the Senate, earning her only a 27% pro-life voting record with the National Right to Life.
  • Landrieu, infamously, supported the abortion subsidies in Obamacare. Remember this:


  • Landrieu voted against a Senate amendment that would have eliminated tax subsidies for healthcare plans that cover abortion-on-demand under Obamacare.
  • Landrieu opposed the Blunt Amendment, which would have prevented the HHS Mandate “from compelling groups, including religious schools and hospitals, to provide health coverage for drugs and procedures that violate their religious or moral convictions.”
  • On parental notice of abortions across state lines, Landrieu has been inconsistent.
  • In 2013, Landrieu opposed the “Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act” which would require an abortionist to notify a parent before performing an abortion on a minor that lives out of state.
  • Lastly, Landrieu has not expressed support for the Senate version of a House bill that would protect unborn babies who feel pain at 20 weeks.



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