SARGE: Bloodbath And Beyond

The title actually applies to an individual “tweeting” concerning Jesse Jackson’ attempt to “plea bargain” for donations while addressing a church congregation in Ferguson Missouri. It seems his fully established irrelevance and impending senility have driven him to the point of outing himself as the opportunistic whore he really is. Whenever there’s racial strife, whenever there’s a divisive issue to be addressed concerning the coexistence of black and white people, whenever there’s the chance to prey on the chafed, raw emotions of a community when things of this nature occur; you can be assured Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will be on the scene stirring that pot of divisive, derisive and destructive race baiting sure to make money for them and their organizations.

This makes at least the second time Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were collectively shown the community didn’t want their interference. Sure; there are members of both races wanting these racial barons to attend to the “needs” of the community. But I believe the people want leaders to bring them together, to organize their protests peacefully and constructively and counsel them spiritually.

They don’t need these two racial streetwalkers dragging them into emotional alleyways and behind a congregation’s closed doors so their wallets can be rifled and their persons betrayed. The people don’t need to be left more dazed by Sharpton’s and Jackson’s self-serving, self-centered and opportunistic violation. Sharpton and Jackson aren’t there to heal; they’re there to plunder like the hyena they are, ripping and tearing at the fresh, immediate and inflamed wounds left behind by violent tragedy. They do this for nobody’s good but their own.

Now Ferguson, Missouri is infested with NEW Black Panthers (NBP). They’re no less self-serving and violent than the OLD Black Panthers. Where the Ku Klux Klan was the military wing of the Democrat Party after the Civil War, the NEW Black Panthers are the military wing of disaffected, discouraged people feeling disrespected. They too seek money and power but the NEW Black Panthers want to gain this monetary power from the muzzle of a gun. The NEW Black Panthers are intruders migrated to the scene from other areas so they may enlist and organize people angry at perceived slights and misperceived realities. They want foot soldiers to man the front-lines while the leaders such as the New Black Panthers, Sharpton and Jackson can sit at the rear of the action to count the money while tallying the body-count.

It should be noted Ferguson, Missouri is NOT the first incident these Horsemen of the Modern Apocalypse have benefited from. Each of these organizational programs; Sharpton and Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition have ridden into town, inflamed the community, gathered donations for their “political action” wings, sent the people into the streets to suffer the indignities of arrest, detention and imprisonment for violent actions while proclaiming they’re for peaceful civil disobedience and protest.

The NBP doesn’t want peace. It wants a race war. It wants an uprising so the anger and the anguish they’ve felt is historically warranted can be addressed. It wants symbolic sacrifice and martyrdom for the participants in these combat actions so they, the organizational survivors can gain more power and money. Sharpton is a racist and a bigot. He’s no less responsible for the agitation of his audience and the sponsorship of violent actions than the NBP. Jackson’s always been an opportunistic jerk.

Jackson, Sharpton and NBP have been around for decades stealthily picking peoples’ pockets when those people are at their most vulnerable. These “humanitarians” and “social activists” are no more than parasites feeding on the damaged individuals already feeling wounded. They weaken the body through attacking the vulnerabilities created by circumstances. The parasites feed only for their own good. The host is left to wither, fail and possibly die after the parasitic infestation and insult brought about from the disease within. The spirit isn’t uplifted and lightened but the purse sure is.

Nobody knows (as of the moment this is written) what happened. It’s known the young man was shot six times in THE FRONT OF HIS BODY. It’s not known how close the gun was to the body. It’s not known if he assaulted the officer. It’s not known if the young man was combative. It’s not known if the officer is at fault solely or in concert with the young man’s actions. We really know nothing and the officers charged with the investigation have a heavy responsibility to develop the evidence and sequence the actions probably so we may forensically be assured we know the truth.

But each of these provocateurs is screaming at the top of their voices they KNOW without a doubt what happened when they weren’t even there. They’ve scavenged this bloodbath like the vultures they are and stepped beyond decency to make some money.

The NBP, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to shut up, stand down and go away. They’ve done enough damage.

Thanks for listening.

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