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This world has gone slap out of its damned mind. Or at least it seems so.

Hamas is hammering Israel. Israel is pounding Gaza. The Palestinians are screaming because Israel is targeting civilian population areas because Hamas is using human shielding in these areas as they use mobile rocket launchers to fire on Israel. The Palestinians are wailing about civilian casualties while ignoring the civilian casualties they create in Israel.

What you sow, you will reap.

Obama is a walking contradiction as a politician. He speaks about Republicans failing to pass legislation and disregards the fact his political stooges, Pelosi in the House and the walking cadaver Harry Reid in the Senate haven’t allowed legislation get past them if it’s sponsored by Republicans. Harry Reid is a liar and a fool thinking everybody swallows the horse dropping he spits when behind the podium. He should be charged with intellectual pollution by dispersal of mumbled meadow muffins. All of this is at Obama’s direction.

I have this vision of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Alinsky sitting together in whatever parlor Satan allows them for family get-togethers. They probably drive their drinking glasses into the air to offer toasts for the way their “thousand year plan” is slowly coming to fruition. They planted the seeds, they masked the planted harvest in the weeds behind brushfire wars and “revolutionary protests” designed to chip away at the world’s understanding of self-determination and the democratic process it fosters. In other words the Commies could be winning but for one little matter.

Islamic Fundamentalism.

The commies and the progressives had better watch out. Mohammed and his followers don’t give a tinker’s damn about the proletariat versus the bourgeoisies. The Islamists want total and complete fealty to their god. Allah is NOT most merciful as proclaimed. The faith requires abject, gloomy submission to self-serving oral traditions of a man known to be duplicitous, a negotiator and dealer in bad faith and man who placed his carnal desires over the safety and care of female children. While I once believed Judaism was the statement of man’s history as understood from the time God created the universe, I also believe Christ’s are true and point the way to man’s future if he follows God’s law. In the course of human theological development we have Islam. In this dogma, we find the thundering power and heavy handed wrath of God to be visited down upon us if we don’t follow that Islamist religio/political doctrine.

Karl Marx intimated religion is the opiate of the masses, the Islamists see it as the ultimate balm for tortured souls. It calls for the death and destruction of any and all don’t see it Mohammed’s way. All infidels are identifiable by one phrase: “he is NOT of Islam.”

Marx and his disciples thought religion was sedative and as such rendered the people into a docile state. In their docility they’d look to their deity rather than raise their arms and armament to fight the seemingly inexorable forward progress of the Socialist movement. Religion, to Marx, offering nothing real but forced people to rely on illusion and non-substantive hope based on superstition. Politically, it could be used as a good mass control method. It could also be a powerful political adversary and should be watched and controlled closely.

Fundamentalist Islam doesn’t swallow this thinking. Fundamentalist Islam lives for Jihad, “the struggle”. It’s through the politicization and dogmatic spread of the doctrine, enforced at the barrel of a gun and the edge of a Caliphate’s knife, the Islamist expects to overcome the infidel communists by dedicated acts of faith. These suicidal acts of faith step past the line demarcating the existence of civilization and the savagery of a fundamentalist doctrine interpreted not by God, but by men of low mien and tunneled vision.

The one thing may save this world from the end of days is if people of good faith and piety stand together to challenge the spread of both these deviate cultures. It’s been said before that all great published works of faith are written by men and as such can be interpreted by people with agendas to pronounce their thinking as that of God. I personally have never seen a Bible, the Koran, the Book of Common Prayer, or the 24 Books of the Torah that bears an autograph by God.

But I believe the men that wrote these books believed they were inspired by God to transcribe what they believed is God’s will.

I can’t take devotion away from men and women of faith. But we need to harness our faith and fight that which perverts the word and teachings of God for the benefit of ideologies spouted by people having no faith to base their teachings on. Marxists based their theories on the will of the people; people susceptible to all the frailties and foibles of a flawed being acting out in infantile fervor and a drive to be recognized beyond all others.

There are Ten Simple Rules. They’re not the Ten Suggestions. They’re the Ten Commandments and I don’t think God’s going to accept anything less than the strictest adherence to them. All else is drivel spouted by naughty children.

Thanks for listening.



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