VIDEO: The True History Of How Vietnam Was Lost

Prager University, which is a fantastic resource for information countervailing the leftist narrative of history and society, put this video together as a reminder of what actually happened in the mid-1970’s in Vietnam – and they ought to be commended for it. The general public has very little understanding of Vietnam as an historical event, even though it wasn’t all that long ago.

Again – the Democrat Party inherited (by means of winning the 1974 mid-term elections) a war that Richard Nixon had won, and all it had to do was maintain a commitment the country had already made for Vietnam to become an historical success. South Vietnam could and would have become an Asian Tiger economy like Taiwan or South Korea or Singapore, and it would be a 1st World country now.

Let’s remember that the Democrat Party was the entity which involved American troops in Vietnam in the first place. Yes, Eisenhower had made an involvement there, but it was JFK and LBJ who escalated that involvement into something which committed the country to the Vietnam war. But LBJ was losing Vietnam when he left office and Nixon turned that war around and won it. The Paris peace talks resulted in America winning the war in Vietnam.

And the Democrats gave away that victory, for no good reason at all. Some half-a-million Vietnamese – at least – died as a result. Their blood is on the hands of the Democrats. Nobody else, there is no escaping that responsibility.

Why is this relevant?

Go look at Iraq.



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