Finally, Some Smart Messaging From The Conservative Side

Americans for Shared Prosperity is not the same organization as Americans for Prosperity, nor is it a Koch Brothers-funded outfit as Democrats continuously scream about the latter. AFSP is headed by a California winemaker, John Jordan, and its newest offering is a collaboration with Florida-based ad guru Rick Wilson.

The ad, with some commentary below…

We absolutely love the presentation of Barack Obama, and Democrats in general, as the abusive, self-centered and irresponsible boyfriend taking women for granted. It’s probably the best comeback to the asinine – but with single women, apparently effective – Democrat “war on women” meme that centers around abortion.

And the Democrats are absolutely banking on that meme. They banked on it in 2012, and it’s central to their efforts this year. The race in Colorado, where they’re trying to save Mark Udall, is a good example.

But it ought to be insulting to women that they’re treated as a vagina with arms, legs and a face, which is basically the way Democrats operate. “Women’s issues” all have to do with sexual intercourse and things which flow from it, offering a comic bit of analogy to the bad boyfriend who treats his female significant other as nothing more than a sex object.

So this ad calls out Obama and “his friends” on this point.

And as this ad washes over the airwaves, you will see paroxysms of outrage and overreactions from the other side which will provide us with a magical entertainment experience as Election Day nears. After all, the abusive boyfriend can never handle being confronted with who he is.

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