Low Popahirum, September 30, 2014


“Facing blistering criticism from Congress, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson acknowledged on Tuesday that her agency failed in executing its plan to protect the White House when a man with a knife entered the mansion and ran through half the ground floor before being subdued.” – AP

“On the night a police officer was shot in a Missouri town torn by racial strife, President Obama donned a tuxedo at a black awards dinner and said racist police nationwide are to blame for community mistrust.” – Truth Revolt

“It is becoming increasingly clear that those who did not laugh at President Barack Obama’s assertion that it was the intelligence community and not his administration who severely underestimated the Islamic State’s capabilities were apparently deeply offended by it.” – Hot Air

“Rumors that President Barack Obama may tap controversial Labor Secretary Tom Perez to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder are drawing fire from government and labor watchdogs.” – Washington Free Beacon

At some point in time, the administration does have to address this as what is appears to many people that it is — and that is an act of violence that is associated with terrorism,” Perry said on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.” – POLITICO

“From the crisis in Ferguson, Mo., to the cultural impact of Robin Williams’ and Joan Rivers’ sudden deaths and all the way up to recent round-the-clock coverage of U.S. strikes on ISIS, cable news has been heavily occupied. The last three months have been so big, Fox News Channel just clocked its first quarter with the most-watched primetime across all of cable in more than a decade — even besting USA and ESPN.” – Hollywood Reporter

“I live in the same city as Donald Trump, so the existence of rich people with toxic taste is not exactly a Muppet News Flash for me. But poor people are not poor because rich people are rich, nor vice versa. Very poor people are generally poor because they do not have jobs, and taking away Thurston Howell III’s second yacht is not going to secure work for them. Nobody has ever been able to satisfactorily answer the question for me: How would making Donald Trump less rich make anybody else better off?” – Kevin Williamson/National Review

“Conservatives, or their handlers, should also better understand the tools now available, and the changing cost-benefit analysis those tools have nudged. For example: a camera, Twitter, and a colleague with a steady hand on retainer sure beats having that ‘crisis management’ PR firm on retainer.” – PJ Media

“It’s a long-standing public perception that the Left in this country are far more sophisticated, tolerant, and culturally and racially sensitive than the Right. In fact, the stronger perception, built on the first, is that the Right are narrow-minded, bigoted, and insensitive to those who look different or adhere to traditions or beliefs outside mainstream white, Western ‘Christian’ culture.” – The Federalist

“U.S. consumer confidence fell in September to its lowest level since May on concerns over the job market and economic growth, according to a private sector report released on Tuesday.” – Reuters


“Through the decades, the state has seen several waves of significant investment. But Borné says what’s happening in Louisiana right now is not only bigger than anything that’s come before it in the state, it may also prove to be a bellwether of industrial investment for the nation.” – Baton Rouge Business Report

Republicans are more motivated to vote and follow news closely about the elections this year than Democrats in Louisiana, according to a survey conducted by the LSU Public Policy Research Lab.” – NOLA.com

“At one point Jindal — sometimes criticized as wonky and stiff — induced laughs and cheers from the audience of social conservatives with a proposed tweaking of Bill Clinton’s internal campaign slogan from 1992 to ‘It’s the culture, Stupid.’” – Daily Signal

“In a state where politics is theater, we may be running short on thespians.” – Jeremy Alford/Baton Rouge Business Report

“The Libertarian Party of Louisiana says it has hit a milestone, reaching 10,000 registered voters in the state. That’s a tiny sliver of Louisiana’s 2.9 million voters, but Libertarian leaders take it as a sign that people are growing more dissatisfied with the current two-party system and are looking for new options.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

Personal income in Louisiana increased by 1.7 percent, or $1.9 billion, during the second quarter of 2014, according to data released Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Louisiana’s growth is above the national average of 1.5 percent. The nation posted $149 billion in earnings growth in the second quarter.” – NOLA.com

“In a new Gallup poll out Tuesday, Louisiana is leaning left. But that’s not necessarily a good thing for incumbent Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu and her re-election bid.” – Washington Examiner

“The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) announces the convictions of 11 Louisiana residents who fraudulently received more than $81,000 in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) benefits.” – KSLA

“Waller Marine and Tenaska NG Fuels LLC jointly announced Tuesday they will develop, construct, own and operate a natural gas liquefaction and fueling facility in north Baton Rouge.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“The National Rifle Association is out this week with a controversial TV ad attacking Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La, while Everytown for Gun Safety has announced its endorsement of Landrieu and accused the NRA of playing fast and loose with the facts.” – NOLA.com



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