Paul Hollis’ Lawsuit Over Landrieu’s Residency Will Go To Court Friday…

…in Baton Rouge.

And when we tell y’all who the judge is, you’ll know how far this case is going.

Before we go there, know y’all this: Rob Maness’ askin’ that four district attorneys around the state look into the question of whether Mary Landrieu is able to represent Louisiana because she doesn’t actually live here anymore isn’t particularly getting anywhere. Yesterday Hillar Moore, the Democrat DA in East Baton Rouge Parish (Moore isn’t a particularly partisan Democrat, mind you, but you can imagine where we’re going with this), essentially told Maness to talk to the hand.

Moore said Tuesday that the request from Maness on Friday afternoon came less than two hours before the deadline for Moore to take court action, which did not give his office enough time to “make any responsible determination as to the complaint … that would justify the filing of any court action.”

Moore noted in his five-page response to Maness’ complaint that the issue of Landrieu’s residency “has been presented to the court” in the form of Hollis’ suit.

So that’s that. Unless one of the other three DA’s are willin’ to go on this snipe hunt with Maness, and they ain’t, Hollis’ lawsuit is all you’re gettin’ out of the residency challenge.

And who’s the judge holding a hearing on Hollis’ lawsuit on Friday?

Wilson Fields, that’s who.

Who’s Wilson Fields? Well, his brother is Cleo Fields, the former congressman and state legislator and 1995 Democrat gubernatorial candidate who currently plies his trade as a chaser of ambulances when he’s not busing members of the black community to the polls for Democrats on Election Day.

Anybody want to bet on how long that lawsuit’s gonna last? Here. Here’s one o’ them visual aids…

Don’t let the fact the guy grew a moustache and sideburns between Fig. 54 and Fig. 55 fool you. This is gonna happen real fast.

At least they’ll get a week out of the residency stuff, though as MacAoidh said yesterday those Karl Rove people do have a good ad on it which might have some legs.

But I don’t like this business any better than MacAoidh did, an’ here’s why: you never really wanna do anything which makes the Democrats look like the reasonable people. And that’s what all this legal crap does. When Wilson Fields, who’s such a good judge that the story on him is if you wanna hide something from him you put it in a law book because he’d never look for it there, gets to stroke his chin for like two seconds and say “Hmmmm, nope. Law says so long as she’s livin’ in Louisiana when she’s elected she’s qualified, and plus there’s a house in Uptown New Awlins she lives at,” and bangs his gavel, you just turned him into Solomon. An’ Mary’s the put-upon public servant rather than, like we had yesterday, Mary Antoinette.

I like that Mary Antoinette. It’s good stuff.

Like this here…

let them eat king cake



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