Si Se Puede?

Mary Landrieu is stealing Barack Obama’s Spanish-language slogan in order to try to pass Keystone XL. She actually dropped a “Si, se puede” yesterday in demanding passage of her Keystone XL pipeline bill.

And the criticism of Landrieu is coming not from Republicans, but the Left.

Joan Walsh of the communist agitprop rag Salon

In her Senate floor speech, Landrieu had the gall to hijack the old United Farmworkers saying, “Si se puede!” which had already been repurposed by Obama. It was to save Landrieu and other southern Dems, of course, that the president postponed executive action to defer deportation until after the election – and look where that got him.

Now Landrieu, who’s partly responsible for dividing countless Latino families who might have been kept together had the president kept his promise, is speaking Spanish and borrowing the slogan of low-wage Latino laborers to back the pipeline. Shameless.

That came after something even more delicious Walsh wrote…

What Keystone does is let Landrieu poke a sharp stick in the eye of Obama, much hated by her white constituents. Any points Landrieu got for politely pointing to the role of race in Obama-hate are swept away by this craven move.

It’s remarkable that Senate Democrats won’t hold hearings or vote on President Obama’s attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch. Yet they seem willing or eager to make time to vote on a hugely controversial project that will divide their base and set back the cause of environmental protection that Tuesday night’s historic, surprise climate change accord with China just advanced.

Understand, first of all, that Joan Walsh is a moron, and a certifiable one at that. Landrieu didn’t “politely” point to anything when she said Louisiana’s white voters don’t like Obama because they’re racist, and that insult isn’t going to be remedied by an empty Senate vote on Keystone XL – which though it’s a sore point for people engaged in the energy industry doesn’t exactly touch a large majority of the voters in question.

Walsh also thinks Landrieu is trying to turn herself into a Big Oil lobbyist, and in that respect she might be right – though Squire Patton Boggs does a lot more than just Big Oil and it seems pretty clear that’s where Landrieu is going to land.

But it’s funny stuff that the lefties at Salon are so offended that Landrieu stole Obama’s Spanish-language “yes we can” trope to pass legislation they abhor.

Like we said yesterday, there is a distinct lack of mojo apparent with Mary’s last-ditch efforts to hold on to that Senate seat.

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