I Think They Might Actually Be Serious About This…

…and that it’s not a parody. I think somebody, somewhere really thinks putting this video out there might actually help Hillary Clinton get elected president.

I can’t be sure about this, of course, because we can all agree it’s hard to believe anyone would believe this would be positively received.

Just watch it. If you can’t make it through the whole thing, we’ll understand. But under the video we have more.

If we’re to take this at face value, something else comes to mind…

Bill Burton is an Obama stooge rather than a Clinton stooge, of course, but he’s still a Democrat. And we should remember that Hillary Clinton went around the country stumping for Democrat Senate candidates in a lot of red states – Louisiana, Kentucky, Georgia and Arkansas among them – and the folks she campaigned for all lost. Most lost badly.

So perhaps this really is an honest appeal to what Hillary’s camp thinks are persuadable white voters – except that she’s relying on Democrat message-makers who have been so shamelessly pandering to Democrat constituency groups for so long that they just can’t reach white voters anymore. They don’t know white voters, and they’ve bought into the Hollywood portrayal of flyover-state honkies for so long, that they think a cross between a Jason Aldean video and a Marlboro spot is going to be a runaway hit.

Instead, it comes off as a joke. The guess here is that’s what a lot of Hillary’s 2016 campaign will look like. Warmed-over, derivative, schlocky and dumb, but often (unintentionally) funny as hell.

The Dems are going to need to line up a bench for 2016. Because their putative frontrunner is likely to blow up on the launch pad just like she did in 2008.



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