SARGE: Try To Have A Good Day…

As this is written an American held captive by Cuba has been released from prison. He’s in the United States and safe from any more privations executed against him by the Communist Regime held their own people in captivity since 1959. We say “welcome home.” We wish Mr. Alan Gross a speedy recovery from his imprisonment and a more speedy recovery from his health issues.

To Mr. Obama, who’s been noted by Senator Marco Rubio (D-Florida) as possibly the worst negotiator conducting foreign policy since Jimmy Carter (and possibly the history of the nation) has already given up three spies for the one citizen. Now, as I sit in the comfort of my home, I hear we’ll (read Obama unilaterally) will seek to “normalize” relations with the communist state of Cuba. Raoul Castro and by association with his brother Fidel, has won their particular chapter of the Cold War; finally.

Is it just me or has anybody else noted Obama is kissing the collective a$$es of any and all enemies of the United States? He kowtows to the Saudi King. He sends his human equivalent to the Disney character Goofy© to appeal to the kinder, gentler side of Iran’s Ayatollah to play nice; to stop declaring fatwas against his fat a$$ and play nice in the Arabian sandbox with Israel. Obama has ceded de facto control of the Crimean area of Ukraine and in general placed in question if he has any cojones at all.

It’s apparent he has no particular acumen for foreign policy other than to follow the golden rule: look at what your predecessors did and then do exactly the opposite. Because of this, America has its lowest approval ratings among civilized countries since 1774. Burundi and Lesotho feel they have greater respect than we.

Obama was resoundingly criticized for giving away five (5) high-level Al Qaeda operatives for one (1) alleged American deserter. This was after Obama learned the alleged deserters’ parents were converts to Islam, the religio/political gang known hilariously as Obama’s “religion of peace.”

Now, we have this.

My fear is this dip wad will eventually declare the Constitution null & void and then deny the Declaration of Independence as not valid so he may give back all lands and titles formerly the property of the King and people of the United Kingdom. With what this jerk has done to America closely resembles what he’s allowed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pull out before the job is done and leave the arena; you got what you wanted, even though it was a premature pull-out. No wonder Michelle looks so chapped all the time; the guy never hangs around long enough to properly finish anything.

“Ride it hard, put it up wet and give it lots of cold water to drink until it’s full!” This is a really fast and cruel way to kill a horse in the heat of the day. And as we’re in the heat of the day (metaphorically and politically speaking) Obama seems to be ready to accomplish his goal of transforming America. He’s damned near at the point of destroying it as we know it today.

This will be a short column today. I have to stop or the verbiage will prove unprintable and unpublishable outside of a Democrat Party hand-out written by Nancy Pelosi and issued by hand by Harry Reid.

Try to have a good day. Stay safe and mourn the soon to be passing of the American Sugar Industry. That’ll be the next thing to die if Obama normalizes relations with Cuba.

Thanks for listening.



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