5 Reasons “American Sniper” Is A Must-See

Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” chronicles the short life of the most lethal US Navy SEAL military sniper in American history, Chris Kyle. The film travels through the four tours Kyle was a part of during his tenure in the armed forces before his death on February 2, 2013. Though the media has already berated the film, as they infamously do with most pro-American/pro-military films, here are five reasons you must see this biopic:

#1: It will make you appreciate our men and women in service more than ever

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Chris Kyle’s widow, Taya Kyle, said that her husband “died as he lived: serving.” This could not be more true, as obvious in the film. Kyle, like many men and women in the armed forces, continued serving, despite being questioned by family why he continued to go back into the war. Even after serving, Kyle continued to serve, visiting Veterans Affairs Hospitals and aiding veterans who were damaged from the war. Additionally, “American Sniper” will have movie goers creating a dialogue on how veterans of war should be treated when they return home.

#2: It focuses on themes Hollywood normally ignores

“American Sniper” focuses on themes which the film industry rarely portrays accurately: Loyalty to country, brotherhood and patriotism. Kyle, throughout the film, is deemed ‘The Legend’ by his brothers, as he is named the most lethal sniper in American history. However, Kyle takes a humble approach, proclaiming that he merely killed to save his fellow Navy SEALS. This theme runs through the entire story-line of the film and sums up Kyle’s long-lasting and unwavering commitment to the military, his fellow Navy SEALS and devotion to the freedom of his country.

#3: It is entirely non-political and unbiased

Though the media gets a thrill out of making every military or war-related movie political, Eastwood has done a marvelous job of keeping politics and bias viewpoints out of “American Sniper.” The film revolves around the time period after the World Trade Center 9/11 attacks, encompassing the Iraq War. However, no politics are ever mentioned in the film and Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper, never makes a comment about his feelings toward the war. Most Hollywood liberals were adamantly against the Iraq War. That is exactly why Eastwood should be commended for not interjecting the politics of war in the biopic.

#4: It shines a light on war’s affects on veterans

Many war-related films portray war as violent, bloody and inhumane. However, “American Sniper” does not rely on cliches, focusing heavily on the aftermath that war has on the men and women who serve. Throughout the film, Kyle is haunted by what he has been through while in Iraq, whether it be the witnessing of innocent people being murdered or flashbacks to the sounds of machine guns and grenades. Kyle was not injured physically during his tenure in Iraq, nevertheless, Eastwood gives the viewer insight into the mind of Kyle. Accordingly, Kyle’s home-life portrayal in the film is relatable to military families who understand the stress of war and service.

#5: It is everything liberals and the media hate

If you’re not compelled by any other reason listed to go see “American Sniper,” you might as well see it for its rebellious nature against liberals and the media. Already, the rich, liberal pundits over at blogs like Salon and Slate have pitted Eastwood’s masterpiece as ‘inaccurate,’ smearing the life and service of Kyle, calling him a ‘hate-filled killer.’ Notice how the media never calls out the films by Hollywood that are sensationalized, liberal-based plots. Its probably because no one goes and sees those movies. But, the media knows that films like “American Sniper” will not only win awards, but it will be a hit at the box office with the American public. When Katherine Bigelow’s impeccable “Zero Dark Thirty,” which focused on the search and killing of Osama bin Laden, was released, the media claimed it was “pro-torture.” Instead of pointing out the film’s marvelous use of a strong, female character, and the heroism of the Navy SEALS who killed bin Laden, the media focused on the politics as usual. And that is exactly what they’re doing with “American Sniper.” The media and liberals hated the Iraq War, so they are bound to hate this film. All the more reason to go see it.

“American Sniper” hits theaters Jan. 16. Here is the trailer:



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