SARGE: Departing Eden

In general there’s a pall hanging overhead acting with a weight too regularly seen. It’s oppressive and daunting and heavy. And, there seems to be no cure for it.

Once it was thought a cleansing breeze would come upon us and push the darkness away. It would uncover the sun and allow it to nourish the land and better the lot of the people who planted and waited to harvest the crops they’d thought would flourish. But the land was barren, much as it is now having been over-worked by men and women wanting only that which they wanted, that which pleased them and brought them the profits they sought so ravenously.

Land barons over-fertilized the land and killed its ability to regenerate according to nature. The land was burned at its soul and brought forth no sibilant sirens’ call for the almighty to give it a new life. And thus, it lay fallow, exposed to the hot winds of dry thought cast forth by the overseers of the old way. They were the people saw to the traditional ways of farming, allegedly the give and take purely for propriety’s sake so they’d lose nothing and gain as much as they could from the meager gleanings harvested by those who knew better.

This isn’t a new thing. Droughts and famines have plagued mankind since he learned to walk and gather in tribes to suffer the dangers of life in concert with others who could protect each other with the sheer force of numbers. It was by banding together and walking en masse they could better survive and progress individually and as a people. It’s natural to seek safety in numbers.

But now, after the tribal phase of social development we find we’re no better off. We still see societies as a specific cultural agglomeration of people banding together with the least known common denominators acting as the adhesive, behaving so as to assure their race continues onward.

So, enough has been said as a heavy metaphor. Enough has been spoken to show what bridges past to present.  Now is the time to again speak clearly and say what must be said clearly and without fear of contradiction because it’s said from a basis of truth and right.

The American Political Landscape is a desert, a greater expanse than the Sahara; more barren than the Antarctic and colder toward its people than the Polar Ices. It’s a moral void and incapable of passing on anything more than an amoral thirst for power. It cares more for itself than it does for those who created it. It’s a false advertisement of what it’s supposed to be.

John Boehner showed he’s as morally corrupt and without a sense of decency when he punished those who sought a better path toward getting what they wanted. It’s irrelevant that he may reinstall those he acted against. The initial act shows this is about power, the maintenance of it and the drive to acquire more of it. The equanimity of the difference advertised by the Republicans compared against the acts of the Democrats is non-existent. They both reek of the political rot they claim other gives off.

There’s no difference between them at all.

The Constitution was drafted and finalized as a statement of what government was meant to be: subservient to the people. It’s now evident the Congress and Senate are no more than septic systems bent on violating and destroying the people. They’d make them subservient to the designs of vile and greedy men wanting nothing more than to assume the mantel of the oligarchy with nothing more than the appearance of a Constitutional monarchy.

Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Sam and John Adams and all those others who risked their blood and treasure to establish this once great nation must be spinning in their graves. Their work, their suffering and their lives lost at Concord, Lexington and Bunker Hill and across the American expanse seem lost for nothing because the avarice of politicians. They’re the snakes they claimed themselves to not be when elected.

Once more the serpents have caused us to departing Eden.

Thanks for listening.



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