Marie Harf Is Terrible, And Her Bosses Don’t Help Her

In case you didn’t catch the replay of Megyn Kelly’s show after the end of the national championship game last night, we bring you a video clip of State Department spokesclown Marie Harf giving the Obama administration spin on the fact nobody from the administration took part in the Charlie Hebdo march in Paris over the weekend.

Needless to say it was a less than impressive showing, and guest host Martha MacCallum wasn’t buying it…

The highlights of this disaster…

– Harf has obviously been told not to admit the enemy is Islam, but you can only get away with that when the media will allow it. At Fox News they’re going to make an issue of your refusal to recognize the problem is radical Islam. Which is why Harf did extremely poorly; she’s got nothing to sell.

– Asked what other kinds of extremism (not just the Islamic kind) the administration is actively fighting, Harf can’t answer. That’s the case because (1) there is no particular terrorist threat from ideologies outside of Islam, and (2) Harf knows that if she were to name something like the Ku Klux Klan as a high-profile terror threat requiring special attention from the administration it would mark the administration as fundamentally unserious at a time they really can’t afford to have that perception taking hold and (3) most of the other people out there capable of terrorism happen to belong to Democrat constituency groups, so putting them in the same category as ISIS or Al Qaeda might serve to dispirit the base.

– Obviously Harf is under orders to tout how many enemy kills the drones have racked up, but the problem is that you don’t get any intelligence out of drone-bombing jihadist leaders. You get intelligence by going in with the special operators and capturing them, then sweating them at black sites somewhere until they spill everything they know about what the bad guys are planning. But since the administration she works for calls that “torture” and won’t shut up about prosecuting the people who do such things to protect the country, the actual intelligent way to fight a war of espionage and sabotage is out – and Charlie Hebdo attacks are in.

– She does admit it was a colossal blunder to have the president and vice president home watching football on TV while that march was going on, but the babbling about how awesome John Kerry speaking French the day of the Charlie Hebdo massacre didn’t exactly scream competence to the world. Kerry’s trip to Paris on Thursday will now stand out as a pivotal moment not just in U.S-French relations but as a question of whether America is still capable of being counted on to lead in the fight against radical Islam. And how much confidence can anyone have in Kerry’s competence to project that leadership when the administration he and his underling Harf serve is under orders not to identify radical Islam as the problem?

There is a reason Islamists are becoming more bold and the number of attacks is increasing. We’re pulling back from the fight both militarily and rhetorically, and giving the enemy space to press that fight to us.

We’re less safe.



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