Jeb Bush: The Republican Pushover

Doormats are meant to be walked on, not lead a country.

For former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, when it comes to the nomination and Senate confirmation of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General (AG) of the Department of Justice (DOJ), he thinks the president should be given full autonomy over who is appointed in an administration.

Bush said at a forum in New Hampshire that “presidents have the right to pick their team,” discussing how Senate Republicans have held up Lynch’s confirmation and asked that they confirm her.

So does this tell the voter that a Jeb Bush presidency would include him getting to choose anyone he wants in his administration, despite a lack of merit, just because he is the president? Where are the checks and balances?

With Bush taking this ‘let-em-do-what-they-want’ stance, it makes him the poster-child for the kind of Republicanism that Republicans, conservatives and libertarians are sick of.

For too long, all Republicans have been made out to be caricatures of Bush’s attitude. Republicans have spent years in the press being labeled as the party that allows the Obama administration and Democrats to walk all over them.

This is mainly because of doormat Republicans like Bush.

Bush has actually endorsed Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) in the state’s gubernatorial race. Yet, at the same time, he is pushing against Vitter’s biggest fight right now, which is making sure the DOJ does not end up with another Eric Holder, ie. Lynch.

Vitter has demanded that Lynch answer the question as to whether or not she would investigate 2016 presidential-hopeful Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email account during her time as Secretary of State, which against federal law.

Lynch simply responded yesterday, saying that she does not have enough evidence that Clinton used a private email account. This is probably because Democrats and Lynch’s allies do not want Clinton to be investigated until after the 2016 presidential election, much like how President Obama was not exposed for the NSA and IRS scandals until after being election.

Why Bush does not understand this is beyond any rational. The youngest son of former President George Bush Sr. has been around politics and campaigns his entire life. For him to begin his presidential run with a stance of appeasement towards the Obama administration is not only weak, but stupid.

Liberal opponents to Bush will say that the last thing the country needs is another Bush. But, they are wrong. The last thing the country needs is a pushover, no matter the political party.



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