SHE’S BACK: Mary Landrieu Has Come Out Of Hiding For Hillary Clinton

She’s back. Mary Landrieu that is.

The former Louisiana Democratic Senator has re-surfaced to rally-up support for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid after months of keeping her public life on the down-low since being ousted from her Senate seat last year by Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA).

Landrieu took to CNN, where she praised Clinton for “just being Hillary” and said the voters need to allow Clinton to “be the extraordinary leader that she is.”

Focusing heavily on Clinton’s connection with voters, Landrieu said she would connect with voters “beautifully.”

Watch Landrieu’s full interview hear:

But, it is odd that Landrieu, a high-profile Democratic loser in 2014, has taken on somewhat of a surrogate role for Clinton.

And the key points that Landrieu mentions about Clinton are a bit of a stretch, especially when she praises Clinton’s ability to connect with average people.

Though Clinton is attempting to position her campaign as going after the one percent and corporate greed, Clinton, along with her husband Bill Clinton, is very wealthy and lives a luxurious lifestyle similar to those in Hollywood.

However, Clinton is not the only Democratic woman to be scolded for being out-of-touch.

Landrieu herself took hits during her campaign for living a frivolous Washington DC lifestyle while running for her Senate seat back in November.

Additionally, Landrieu’s interview here on CNN shows that she has not changed all that much from being an out-of-touch public figure.

When asked how Clinton should distance herself from President Obama, Landrieu praised Obama, saying the president has done “extraordinary work” and telling CNN that Obama should “absolutely” be campaigning with Clinton.

Clinton campaigning with a president who the majority of voters disagree might not be the smartest idea Landrieu has had.

Then again, we cannot expect much considering her re-election bid failed only months ago.

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