In Case You Were Wondering What Happened To Kirstin Alvanitakis

Kirstin Alvanitakis became a famous face on the Hayride back in December 2014 when she notoriously, as the Louisiana Democratic Party Communications Director, claimed that investigative journalist James O’Keefe had illegally wire-tapped a Senate office.

The outcome of this ended with Alvanitakis running away from O’Keefe, himself, after she was asked to take back her claim that O’Keefe had committed a felony.

And from there, her photo became quite famous, with even the internet photo-shopping Alvanitakis’ face on everything from a dirt bike to her running away from a burning building.

But, what ever happened to Alvanitakis?

Well, she is no longer the Louisiana Democratic Party’s communications director. Sometime in April, she was replaced and she did not get a public thank you and farewell from the La Dems. We can possibly assume that Alvanitakis may have been relieved from her post.

Replacing Alvanitakis is Beau Tidwell who is formerly of the Times Picayune and the New York Times. Here’s a little snippet of Tidwell’s work at the Times Picayune:

One reason everyone always starts yelping “Don’t politicize the tragedy” when something like this happens is that moments like this are the only time public sentiment is roused sufficiently to overcome the reactionary “slippery-slope” argument that the gun lobby uses to equate any attempt to reduce the availability of weapons with the wholesale confiscation of all guns, everywhere. The problem with that is that gun ownership is unequivocally a settled issue. The government is not coming for your guns, and no one is arguing that it should. That is why the NRA and its supporters have to keep picking fights over guns-in-bars and public parks, because otherwise they serve no purpose at this point.

Seems that Tidwell is a perfect fit for the La Dems. So where is Alvanitakis?

According to her Twitter account, she took a job working as the Communications Director at the Ohio Democratic Party. She continues to tweet and retweet the usual leftist talking points of the day. This can be accessed from this android mobile casino site from here and android casino app.

To remember Alvanitakis’ time working for the La Dems, we’ll send our readers off with these great photos:

Alvanitakis6 Alvanitakis1 Alvanitakis3 Alvanitakis4 Alvanitakis5



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