Tiffany, The Baltimoron

In case you didn’t hear yesterday about the near-resuscitation of the Baltimore riots, here’s a video from the streets of that city yesterday afternoon…

Compelling stuff, isn’t it?

But then there’s this…

Wait, what?

Chaotic moments after police say a gunshot was fired during an arrest at Penn and North avenues. Police say the suspect was armed.

“A very short, brief foot pursuit. He pulled a handgun, or tries to pull it out. There’s a sound of a discharging, the sound of a weapon discharging. The police never discharged any weapons,” said Lt. Col. Melvin Russell, Baltimore Police Department.

Police say the suspect’s revolver went off. Despite conflicting reports, officers say no one was injured.

In other words, “Tiffany” flat-out lied on national TV. She flat-out lied and almost re-started the Baltimore riots.

After the “incident” in question, the streets boiled over with half-naked, able-bodied young men who had nothing better to do in the middle of a Monday afternoon than to berate police in riot gear with foul language and physical threats. Nothing much came of the situation, but it was quite a near-run thing.

One begins to wonder why the cops in Baltimore even bother at this point. It’s clear the politicians of Baltimore don’t have their back, the people of Baltimore don’t seem willing to cooperate with them and there is little left to police in many of the city’s neighborhoods.

Baltimore is well on its way to being Detroit. And nothing will change there until it actually is Detroit. You have to de-populate that place of the Tiffanys of the world before any meaningful change is possible.



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