5 Times Hillary Clinton Was The Real Life Version Of Claire Underwood

Conniving, cold and cunning.

All words used to describe House of Cards’ Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright. Claire is the wife of President Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, and she’s known for her statuesque grace coldness.

But, it seems Claire has a real-life doppelganger: 2016 presidential-hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Here are 5 times Hillary Clinton IS Claire Underwood:


#1: Hillary And Claire’s Slush Fund Foundations

The Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s organization with her former President husband, Bill Clinton, has been exposed for being nothing more than a plethora of dirty deals and a slush fund for her family. In the book “Clinton Cash,” it is discovered that Clinton Foundation deals were made right before major happenings in the State Dept. This begs the question what kind of crookedness has been going on at the Clinton Foundation in order to influence world leaders.

clinton cash

For Claire Underwood, the Clean Water Initiative (CWI), a green organization, is her baby. In the first season, all Claire cares about is ‘expanding’ and ‘growing’ the CWI via taking money from oil-loving lobbyists and firing more than half her staff. Actually, Claire does not fire her staff, she gets her assistant to do it. Anyway, Claire, more specifically, at one point in Season 1 defies Frank and has two green-liberal senators vote against a clean water project in order to help reap big bucks from a lobbyist for the CWI.



#2: Hillary And Claire’s Relying On Their Last Names

Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State under President Obama. Why? For no reason more than her last name started with ‘C’ and ended with ‘linton.’ Hillary was a Senator from New York and before that was the First Lady. But, Clinton’s experience as Secretary of State under Obama was a move merely to help Hillary pad her resume, knowing she would run in 2016 for the presidency.


Claire Underwood, who has relied on help from Frank for years, practically begged her President husband to make her Ambassador to the United Nations in Season 3. Why? Because she needed more experience in politics, not because she knew what she was doing. In fact, throughout the season, Claire is overwhelmed by the hardball of the other ambassadors and eventually has to step down.



#3: Hillary And Claire’s Lying Through Their Teeth

If any word is synonymous with Hillary Clinton, it is ‘liar.’ Not only has Hillary been lying in recent days about her lost emails, she is now lying about the emails that she did find. Hillary, apparently, edited the transcripts of her emails regarding the terrorist attack in Bengahzi, which happened on her watch. And when it came to Benghazi, itself, Hillary lied about the terrorist attack occurring because of a Youtube video.


Claire Underwood, likewise, has an obsession with lying. In the first three seasons of House of Cards, Clair lies about so many topics that it is hard for viewers to even keep track. Her most notorious lie was when she lied on national television about her abortions that she had before Frank got into politics. She also lied about her having an affair with hispter-ish artist Adam Galloway in New York, telling the press that he merely took a few photos of her. Then, Claire threw Adam under the bus and made him appear to the public as being weirdly obsessed with her and a total liar. Even though, Claire is the ultimate liar here.



#4: Hillary And Claire’s Disdain For The Press

Hillary Clinton has a problem with the press, even though they’re usually in the tank for her. Most recently, her campaign released a list of words that they deemed to be ‘sexist’ and told the press that they were not allowed to use the words in describing Clinton. Even more recent, Hillary’s campaign would not allow a Daily Mail UK reporter to travel with the rest of the press pool, kicking him out of the pool altogether. Then, Hillary tried to backtrack and say it was an error. But, its quite obvious how much respect Hillary has for the press.


Claire Underwood has a bit of a different disdain for the press. Not only do she and Frank try to control all of the press that surrounds them, she also tracks down the young journalist Zoe Barnes, played  by Kate Mara, who she knows is having an affair with Frank to get stories. When Claire confronts Zoe, it is only after she has known about the affair for months. Then, when Frank ends up throwing Zoe in front of a subway, the audience is left to assume that Claire knew exactly who was responsible. Tying up loose ends, Underwood style.



#5: Hillary And Claire’s Overall Cold-Hearted Demeanor

Hillary Clinton is not the warmest individual, nor does she do a good job trying to paint a picture that she is friendly. In fact, Hillary more than often comes across like a cold, politically-driven, power hungry politician. And she seems to be stuck in a lifestyle of being rich and fabulous off the taxpayers. Like when Hillary complained that she and Bill were broke in the 2000’s. Its hard for her to seem down-to-earth and normal when being ‘broke’ means only making $5 million last year in speeches instead of $25 million.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ge

Claire Underwood’s most noticeable trait is her coldness. Its almost like Clair is made out of ice because she literally does not care about anyone or anything, she just is looking ahead to where she is going. Claire is somewhat of a statue. On the campaign trail she fakes it like she loves campaigning and then behind closed doors, she is miserable as she sits in her own solitude, surrounded by cool-toned curtains, furniture and vases. There is nothing inviting about Claire. Absolutely nothing.




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