The NOPD Is Understaffed, So Burglary False Alarm Fines Are Increasing In New Orleans

Due to an understaffed New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), the New Orleans City Council has decided to increase fines for false burglary emergency calls.

The City Council voted unanimously to fine residents $75 for false alarms the second time around they call the NOPD. Then, after that, the fine goes up to $150 for other calls and after the fourth call, they will ignore the resident.

Currently, the NOPD fines residents after the fourth false alarm emergency call. And they wait until 10 false alarm calls before they begin ignoring the resident.

Officials said that the NOPD’s manpower has been drained by the false alarms.

NOPD said 98.8 percent of burglary emergency calls usually end up being false alarms. Officers responded to approximately 48,000 false emergency calls last year.



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