Lance Harris Threatens The Business Community If They Hold Him Accountable

The allegedly Republican State Rep. Lance Harris has threatened the business community and LABI in comments to the Shreveport Times. Harris was unhappy over his extremely poor score from LABI for the 2015 session.

Here’s what this “conservative hero” told the Times:

Rep. Lance Harris, R-Alexandria, who scored an F, said LABI may face repercussions of its own from lawmakers like himself who have been considered business friendly for their entire political careers.

“I’m not sure LABI is making a good decision by burning bridges with its friends,” said Harris, chairman of the House Republican delegation. “Who’s going to get their bills out of committee next year?”

The business community has decided with “friends” like Lance Harris, who the hell needs enemies. After all, their “friend” Lance Harris raised taxes on them and tried to stick them with an additional $200 million tax hike. He did that to try and prevent cigarettes from being taxed more. Harris is a C-store owner by the way.

Harris then decided to do his best Huey Long impersonation.

Harris said he remains comfortable with his votes.

“LABI can say and score like it wants, but my choices were to either pacify LABI and decimate higher education and heath care or do something to keep the doors open at our universities and hospitals,” said Harris, who is unopposed. “It was an easy choice for me.

“I did what I believe was right for the state, not what was right for special interests groups. I think voters realize that even if LABI doesn’t. We were boxed in as a state and we’re coming with reforms to make sure Louisiana never gets boxed in like this again.”

Harris has created a group called “Take Back Louisiana.” For starters, who is trying to take back Louisiana from who, himself? He’s the head of the Republican legislative delegation, which controls everything in this state.

Harris is a symptom of everything that’s wrong with Louisiana Republicans. They pretend to be social conservative leaders in order to cover their fiscal failures. Harris is a big government guy, he’s just a pro-life and pro-gun big government guy. He would make an excellent old school Louisiana Democrat, but alas in the era of Karen Carter Peterson, those types of Democrats just don’t exist anymore.

What Harris needs to be is knocked off of his pedestal a bit. He desperately needs a challenger who will defeat him in this year’s elections.



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