Say Goodbye To New Orleans As We Know It

New Orleans will soon never be the same.

Since the Charleston, South Carolina shooting, where a white man shot and killed nine black men and women, Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans has mentioned that he planned to replace Robert E. Lee Circle with another public figure.

Landrieu’s rationale? The Confederacy is racist and therefore, in order to be politically correct, anything in the city of New Orleans remotely related to the Confederacy must be removed immediately.

Today, Landrieu has called for the removal and replacement of these four Confederacy-related monuments throughout the city: General Robert E. Lee Monument, known as Lee Circle, the General P.G.T. Beauregard Equestrian Statue, the Jefferson Davis Monument and the Liberty Monument.

According to Landrieu, public monuments in the city “inspire, include, & celebrate life, liberty & pursuit of happiness. Should show world we thrive on diversity.”

But, that is not what these public spaces are for. Though Landrieu sees the Confederacy as racist and anything related to it as offensive, Lee Circle and the other monuments are historical pieces that will forever be ingrained in the city’s history.

These monuments have nothing to do with racism. They have to do with history.

When we first said goodbye to Lee Circle and PGT Beauregard, we asked where Landrieu would stop in his effort for everything politically correct?

What about the street names in the city that are named after Catholic saints? Should those be renamed because many in the city are not even Catholic or maybe they do not agree with the teachings of the Catholic church?

Or the rainbow gay pride flag that flies throughout the city. Should the city ban these flags because many Christians see them as offensive to their religious convictions?

The slippery-slope with political correctness will never end once public officials try to erase history and distort it in a way in which historical figures are not seen as men of their time, but rather racist, bigoted individuals who should have been more progressive.

Furthermore, what about Landrieu’s party affiliation? He and the rest of his political dynasty family are Democrats, which is the family that began the Ku Klux Klan, the most famous white-supremacist hate group in American history.

Should not Landrieu rebuke his party affiliation, considering the Democratic party could be offensive to anyone who is not a racist, hateful individual?

Also, Landrieu is largely out-of-touch with the city, which has been plagued by violent crime and a rising murder rate.

Just last week, we reported how there were four homicides in just six hours. Every week, we hear about how understaffed and underpaid the New Orleans Police Department is.

Even last month, NOPD Officer Daryle Holloway was shot and killed by a violent criminal. Now, we are finding out that another NOPD officer allegedly withheld evidence on the case from investigators.

All of this and yet Landrieu’s priorities are solely set on removing some statues that the NAACP finds offensive.

The fact, is that Robert E. Lee and the rest of these monuments are New Orleans. The city is the epitome of the deep South in a way. New Orleans is filled with culture, its historical roots are incredible and it thrives on the life and spirit of the Southern people.

With the removal of these monuments, that culture and history will be forever stripped, white-washed and the city will never be the same. Landrieu can change out the statues all he wants, but the history of the city can not change and we hope it will not be forgotten.

Say goodbye to New Orleans as we know it.



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