There Is Something Fishy About Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s Website

Things are going pretty badly for Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant that has been exposed for allegedly selling the body parts of aborted babies.

With a slew of new video footage showing Planned Parenthood is in the business of profiting off of baby body parts, the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast faction’s website is conveniently down and has been for the past week.

Take a look:


Earlier in the week when the Hayride tried to access Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s website, the page URL brought us directly to an error page, making it impossible to even view the website.

Also, months ago, when the Hayride called Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast to find out if the new New Orleans Uptown Planned Parenthood clinic would be conducting abortions, we were never given an answer.

Additionally, when asked which Planned Parenthood clinics had mammogram technology, officials with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast could not answer the question. Planned Parenthood claims to provide mammogram cancer screenings, but none of their clinics have the technology to do so. 

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has been the target of investigations before. Most recently was when Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) called for a federal investigation into the gulf coast operation to make sure that public money was not being used to fund abortions.



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