Guess Who Else Was On The “Ashley Madison” List, Damon Baldone

The fallout from the leaking of the Ashley Madison list continues. Many people continue to find the names of those they know.

One of those familiar names on the list is former State Rep. Damon Baldone. Last time we covered Baldone, he was trying to become Louisiana’s first ever political hermaphrodite. In probably the most shameless act of political pandering in Louisiana political history, Baldone is trying to register as both a Republican and Democrat.

Well it probably doesn’t matter which party he registers as because he won’t be loyal to them anyway. This genius’s name was on the Ashley Madison list. If he can’t even be faithful to his wife, how can his constituents trust him to serve in Baton Rouge.

Here’s what Scott McKay had to say about this clown in The Battlefield on Friday:

The two names of political interest, which so far we haven’t actually seen reported anywhere else, are former Democrat state representative and current state rep candidate Damon Baldone, who has already made an ass of himself this month by suing, unsuccessfully, to have the registrar allow him to put both a “D” and an “R” by his name. Baldone’s efforts at becoming a political hermaphrodite weren’t successful; who knows whether his attempts at getting some online strange went any better. Anybody who votes for Baldone this fall needs his or her head examined.

[…]Looking at the list, though, while the people on it might be largely guilty of mischievous intent it’s unlikely any of them actually had an affair with somebody they met on Ashley Madison. We can say this because a good 95 percent of the names on the list are men. Now, it’s possible – probably even likely – that some of those men’s names are actually women using their husbands’ credit cards; if you think about it that’s actually a pretty smart move if you’re going to be a cheater.

Still, the site is very much a sausage party. And for prospective cheaters, it’s pretty clearly a ripoff. Which might be a blessing in disguise to an extent.

So Baldone was so eager to commit infidelity that he allowed himself to get ripped off by a website that apparently hired women to talk to him and these other degenerates. Baldone is such a fool that he allowed himself to be taken to cleaners by a site that apparently charged by the message.

If Baldone is this much of a fool, do we really want him back in the Legislature this fall?



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